This week the days of summer hit hard on the weather front, but that’s the price you pay living in Los Angeles. It was a bit unbearable at times, but it put a smile on my face to grab a dress, some sandals and head out into the sunshine!

A few other things that brought a smile to my face and some sparkle to my week:


I went to a screening of Hope Springs, a film I highly recommend for anyone in a relationship, married or not. Meryl Streep (this lady can do no wrong) and Tommy Lee Jones completely go there in this intimate portrait and character study of a 30 year marriage, 30 years later. Director David Frankel manages to maintain a steady sense of humor around a very serious subject: how to rebuild and preserve the chemistry in a long-term relationship. I admit some scenes can be pretty uncomfortable to watch as the couple, along with their well-acted counselor in Steve Carell, share how the deterioration and re-connection between two people can be the most difficult and rewarding aspects to life. I walked away from this film feeling like I actually learned something about physical and emotional intimacy. In a nutshell: you both have to want it and you both have to be willing to work at it. This will be DVD purchase to add to my collection in the fall.


I stopped to sit outside and enjoy the simplicity of a Rice Krispies Treat. I’d forgotten how much I loved these things and what a small pleasure it was to snack and gaze out at the LA skyline (the moment captured in the photo above).

I’m getting such lovely feedback from you all about my new passion project, my blog, All That Glitters. Thank you for the comments, the likes, and taking the time to read it. I passed the 100 views mark this week!