Effortless Style

We’ve all had those lazy hair days. You know, the days where you’d rather sleep in for another 20 minutes and just throw your hair back and call it a day? I’ve been having those days lately and while I’m all for ease, I do like to make it look like I still put some effort into something that didn’t require a lot of effort in reality. I’m calling it effortless style.

After wearing my hair back most of the week, I decided to put a different touch to my look by adding a simple brown scarf as a headband. It’s a 2 second trick to spruce up a bun or any pulled back up-do. I put on a pair of chandelier earrings to dress up the look a bit more. I then realized this is also a better way to show off chunkier earrings that would otherwise be hiding under your hair. This gave me further confidence in my excuse to be lazy more relaxed. Win, win! I was ready to go in 5 minutes flat, with 20 more minutes of sleep.

P.S. I got more compliments on my look that day than if I’d gotten up and put those 20 minutes into flat ironing and styling my hair down as I normally do. Needless to say, I’ll be on the lookout for more hair scarves and accessories when I’m out and about. I’m loving this newfound effortless style concept. Enjoy the long weekend!


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