It’s a dreary, rainy Friday here in L.A. Looking forward to spending the weekend catching-up with a girlfriend over pizza, sweets, and Sex and the City episodes; heading to yoga to hit reset, and spending some time with my boyfriend. Have an amazing weekend gang. It’s going to be a wet one here.

2013 is off to a great start! Closing the week with a few special moments over the last two weeks into the new year that have made it all the better:

1-ATG Pix

{Catching up with some old friends over a game of bowling and cocktails at Lucky Strike.}


{I lost my beloved Ray-Ban aviators. Boo! Luckily, my amazing boyfriend replaced them as a gift on our 2nd anniversary last week. Yay!}


{…And gave me this magical orchid to look at.}


{The immaculate sunset on the drive home from Big Bear.}


{Getting into the new year’s resolution spirit by returning to yoga practice.}


{Sharing a Sunday snack while watching the 49ers beat out the Falcons for a place at the Superbowl.}