D.I.Y. Glass Bead Necklace Repair


I have this great necklace that I bought several years ago that wasn’t at all expensive, but it was something that I universally loved because you could wear it with anything to instantly dress up a look. Until I broke it. I took it in for repair. Was bummed at the terrible job they did. It lasted for one wear. And broke again. It’s been sitting with my other functioning necklaces broken for at least 6 months and I’ve been on the search for that exact necklace ever since. Enough! Sometimes a girl has to take matters into her own hands, especially when said girl happens to dabble in jewelry making. A hobby of mine that I seriously need to get back into and with the success of giving new life to my necklace, I feel completely empowered to push myself to test my mad skills. 🙂

D.I.Y. // Glass Bead Necklace Repair


{Tools: Crimp tubes, glass beads, silver coated wire, crimping pliers, cutters, bead stopper clip, and a bead board.}



{Use the bead stopper to accurately place crimp tube and thread bead. Use crimp pliers to close the crimp tube shut above and below the bead. Repeat as necessary.}


{Measure evenly spaced bead placement using a bead board for accuracy.}


{Once you’re ready to add your clasp (I went with a toggle clasp because it’s what I had) create a loop, add a crimp tube to it and use your crimp pliers to close the crimp tube shut. Open the toggle clasp ring and secure inside the newly created loop on both ends of necklace.}


{Finished toggle clasp.}


{After completing this project using the materials I already had on hand, I’ll likely update my wire choice to something sturdier and darker (like the wire choice in the “before” picture above), but this will do for the time being!}


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