What I’m NOT Lovin’ Right Now

Wednesdays on my blog for the past 2 months have been dedicated to sharing things I came across that instantly made me fall in love with them. It has become one of my favorite posts to write because I get to live in an online fantasy-land; curating newly discovered quotes, articles, pictures, recipes, high-end designer label apparel, videos, crafty ideas, and whatever my thoughts are at the time into one blended forum.

In light of the tragedy that took place on Monday afternoon in Boston, I felt conflicted going on about such superficial things today, not acknowledging the current state of affairs. It is times and horrific events like this that seem to solidify how inherently evil humankind can be and makes me wonder if society stands a chance in the long run. This sentiment is not meant to outweigh the good in the world, but it just feels like our world is constantly and consistently inundated with maliciousness. What’s worse, is that the terror is spreading. Schools, sporting events, and even my personal haven, the local cineplex, have been earmarked by tragedy and almost always without resolute explanation.

I was unnerved by the news that, yet again, we face such inexplicable violence. My thoughts have been with the people of Boston for the last few days. I had the pleasure of spending 4 unforgettable days there in December 2011 and while I was a total wuss when it came to the weather, I fell in love with the uniqueness and history of the city.

I’ve seen a lot of comments made in response to the recent acts that Americans need a reminder that incidents like this are not exclusive to the U.S., yet we aren’t as outpouring of our compassion for those in daily struggle in many third world countries, where bombings are just another day. Not to diminish what happened on American soil 2 days ago, but I can understand their perspectives.

I want to dedicate today’s post not to specific countries, ethnicities, genders, or religious groups, but to humankind. I realize that worldwide everyday there is famine, war, disease, poverty and evil…

…And I’m NOT lovin’ any of it right now.

Let’s take a moment to send lots of light and love to humankind.


“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”  – Mahatma Gandhi


5 thoughts on “What I’m NOT Lovin’ Right Now

  1. Well said Candy! But my thought is that I won’t let fear keep me from doing anything I love because of the possibility of something happening. It’s too easy to let that fear in and wonder what is happening with the world. I think there is far too much good in the world that outweighs these events. Sometimes you gotta dig deep, but it’s there.

    • I couldn’t agree more! You’ve inspired me with a topic idea (and I could always use those). Perhaps I should write a post dedicated to the good in world. We could certainly use it.

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