Birchbox Review: July

The end of another month is upon us, and sadly, I’m kinda grateful because I think July’s Birchbox was one the most uninspiring boxes I’ve ever received. Another lip color in practically the same color family that I’ve gotten for the last few months (there has to be another shade in the universe besides pink!), a lotion that I already use and buy at Target for half the cost, and the worst excuse for “bobby pins” that are built more like industrial clamps where you can’t even open them wide enough to slip into your hair? Birchbox July wasn’t my favorite. This is quite a bummer coming off such a great box last month where I discovered my favorite new must-have product.

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1. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream – The first thing I noticed about this cream, was how thrown off by the color I was! This is pretty fascinating when you think about why bright white is so popular and passes as the standard in face creams. Does it provide a faux sense of effectiveness to us gals because it’s “cleaner” looking?  When I saw an oatmeal yellow ooze out the tube I thought, “eww, has this expired or something?” Once I got over this very vain observation and realized that it’s probably this color because it hasn’t been chemically altered to death to be “clean” looking, I actually really liked Dr. Jart’s face cream. The texture is amazing, and absorbs wonderfully without leaving a residue on my skin. All pluses. I’m not in the market for a face cream at this time, and this is really pricey at nearly $50.00 full-sized; but a shining example to never judge a face cream by the color if its content, but by its character.

2. I.C.O.N. INDIA Oil – Unfortunately, I was completely turned off by the smell of this product, though the feel of the oil was heavenly and the sheen it instantly gave my hair impressive, I’m a huge fan of scent as well as effectiveness. This is a pass in my book. And maybe a shining indication of how much I’ve become brainwashed by chemically altered products that must look and smell good? I see a pattern here…

3. ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick – Strangely, this lipstick has the opposite problem. It smells wonderful (it really does!) and I can’t tell if this was intentional or I’m now smelling things to deal with my dislike of the India hair oil, but this lipstick is far from being “party proof.” I have to reapply frequently if I want to retain a strong pop of color or any color at all. If something is deemed “party proof,” shouldn’t it last through a glass of wine? Sounds like a case of false advertising to me.

**On a side note, to the team at Birchbox: Admittedly, you have effectively taken me out of my comfort zone and I’ve become more comfortable rockin’ the pink lip – but for the LOVE OF GOD stop sending me samples from different brands in the same shade! If I get another pink lip-liner, pink lipstick, or pink lip anything – this may be grounds for cancellation. Thanks!**

4. Caldrea Body Lotion – I’m already a Caldrea lotion user thanks to my boyfriend and Target. He had this brand stocked in his bathroom for the longest time and I loved it so much that I went out and bought a bottle myself. Aside from providing such rich moisture, I’m in love with the smell and texture of this lotion. It absorbs magically! The samples I received in my box were Coconut Fig Leaf and Aloe Water Apricot. The fragrances were amazing and the texture seems even silkier than what I already use. I noticed immediately how moisturized my skin and hands felt without any prolonged greasiness afterward. I’m sure the Caldrea line carried at Target is from a lower branch of their product line, but I’ll stick to it. It’s already pricier over, say Jergen’s, but at $22.00 for the full-sized version of this higher end body lotion, I can’t justify the cost as much as I do like it.

5. Birchbox Bobby Pins  – These are a BIG don’t. They’re too bulky; designed to be playful, but come across as a bit too much; and don’t even try to actually open them up wide enough to be able to slide these clamps bobby pins into your hair. I’m surprised to see such positive reviews of these on their site. Not to be evil, but I do wonder if it’s their staff logging in to write some of these reviews? Nearly ALL of the products you see on Birchbox’s site have 4 stars and up!?! Really? This is the worst product I’ve ever gotten in a Birchbox. Total pass.

You win some, you lose some, huh? I hope August makes up for it. It sure better 🙂

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