Anatomy of a Do: Carla’s Denim on Denim


I’m not usually a fan of denim on denim (and in the same shade, no less) but this recent find I came across was done to perfection! My distaste for denim fabrics on both the top and bottom of an ensemble stems from a very unappealing visual that comes to mind when that whole full denim/jumpsuit look was hot at the turn of the 21st century. This image here encapsulates that terrifying visual all to well (R.I.P. Brit and JT).

What Carla over at Fashion Though My Eyes did well was pair denim on denim with strong focal pieces that cleverly both highlight and disguise the denim in a unique and ultra chic way. The plaid crisp blazer over the chambray along with the wide brimmed hat, that screams nothing but statement, instantly polishes a casual outfit without losing that relaxed feel. A minimalist approach on the jewelry is always a good idea given the strong use of accessories in this look with the chain embellished cross-body bag, leopard print skinny belt and floppy hat.

(A note: this belt might not actually be leopard, but that’s the first print that came to mind when I saw it.)

So what did I learn from Carla’s denim on denim look?

  1. Denim on denim, specifically lighter shades of denim, can actually work when adding stronger focal pieces that break up the monotony.
  2. Who knew you could pair plaid with leopard print in the same outfit and it not completely clash?
  3. Wide brimmed statement hats paired with jeans polish, yet maintain casualness.

And in case you’re wondering since the shot above doesn’t catch her shoes (but had to use it because I loved the pose so much):


I L.O.V.E. that she went with nude and basic oxford flats – making the outfit accessible and practical. Not everyone wants to roll around in 5-inch heels when out and about on a Saturday afternoon.

This is the anatomy of a Do and it’s denim on denim, who would have thought?

*please click image for unaltered, original photo source and shopping references.


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