Photo Diary: Thanksgiving Weekend

1-2013-11-28 18.40.44

{A Thanksgiving feast!}

Rather than do the traditional turkey feast, Thanksgiving was a Honey Baked Ham-filled weekend; complete with the best Bristol Farms sides ever! No shame here, we cheated and bought a wonderful catered holiday meal that we ate in many variations for the next 4 days straight. This is the caveat when you order a lot of food for only 2 people – leftover central. Ham and eggs for breakfast, ham and mashed potatoes for dinner. Every. Single. Night.

When we weren’t eating, we spent plenty of time watching movies, reading, sleeping, okay, a little more eating; and yes, general all around laziness as needed. I tried to build a weekend that would bring equal parts fun and relaxation to keep things lively, yet un-rushed. Mission accomplished.

Here’s my Thanksgiving weekend photo diary.  And p.s. I can’t even look at another piece of ham for quite some time.

1-2013-11-23 14.34.13

{Picking up the highlight of our Thanksgiving feast – the Honey Baked Ham got a special seat. }

1-2013-11-28 17.05.09

{Pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven.}

1-2013-11-28 17.07.35

{A stocked fridge of Bristol Farms sides. (Please excuse how ridiculously cluttered my fridge looks in this pic!)}

1-2013-11-28 17.07.01

{Some of the weekend’s entertainment: The Princess Bride, Ghostbusters 2 and Mary Poppins were too much fun perfect for light entertainment!}

1-2013-11-28 18.38.19

{Cranberry Apple Cider, the remote control, and a stack of movies.}


{Holiday reading material.}

1-2013-11-30 10.59.33

{A trip to Lake Balboa to take in the view and burn some of those Holiday calories.}

1-2013-11-30 18.04.19

{And last, but not least: A stop to the place were Angelenos go for holiday cheer! A visit to see the 100 foot tall Christmas Tree at The Grove!}

Happy Holidays!!!