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{A scene from my desk, currently.}

Not a bad week here, which is always a good thing to report. I find myself ready to embrace the change of seasons. Though the weather is already channeling Spring, I can’t believe that it’ll officially be here 6 days from now. I’m so ready.

The highlights of life lately were in the small things that celebrate the warm sunny days ahead: a new pair of sandals in a cheerful color (and on serious sale!), bright flowers around my apartment, and enjoying juicy sweet strawberries for the first time in months among them.

Being on a budget (as always) makes it hard to really go after all the ways that I’d like to celebrate the arrival of Spring, but I’m happy with these small inexpensive pleasures to start. Of course, there are other ways to enjoy the days of spring for free and that’s outdoors: walks around Balboa Lake, hikes to the Hollywood Sign, and lazy days on the beaches of Malibu.

It’s expected to be a quiet weekend on my end. I’m looking forward to starting a new read on my Kindle and running those rather mundane errands that you tend to have to do on Saturdays, but will dedicate some time for an at home mani/pedi. The one thing about this time year is that you have to be a bit more attentive to those toes when wearing sandals. Unquestionably, what I’m beyond excited about this weekend is finally cashing in on a Groupon I purchased awhile back for a deep tissue massage. It’ll literally be my first professional massage in two years! Massages where one of those heavenly indulgences I gave up when I moved into my own place and had to cut back on expenses. I can’t even describe the joy.

Happy weekend!


{In love with these Kelsi Dagger sandals. An unusual color choice for me, but I’m feeling very “Spring” at the moment.}

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{More gorgeous flowers from Trader Joe’s around the house.}

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{The model from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel currently on display at the Arclight in Hollywood.}

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{There’s nothing like California sunshine.}