{Day 34: My BF left to run an errand & came home with 2 Sunday favs: fresh flowers & bacon!}

This has been one of the most chaotic and exhausting weeks I have had in quite awhile boys and girls. I knew going into it that it would be a challenging one on all levels –  mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And while I’m not really in a head space to delve into the particulars of everything that seems to be piling up at the moment, I am happy on this heat wave induced Friday in LA to say…I made it. I’m still in the middle of said storm that I know I’ve been rather elusive about, but the rain has lifted a bit since the beginning of the week. What I will share is that The Universe is making it very clear that the sunshine will prevail…even at 94° outside as I literally write this.

I know that I’m equipped to deal with everything that’s going on, it’s just funny how in life it tends to happen at the most inconvenient moment and the struggle is just accepting reality (which I’ve done), getting past the mental kicking (still working on it), while anxious about how everything will turn out (I’m a total worrywart, so still working on this, too).  Then again, what I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, is that there’s never a convenient time. You really just have to roll with life and hope for the best. As I reflect back over the last week, I found myself constantly remembering to focus on the positive so I can see how my perspective is shifting often – and I smile because I can clearly see where things could always be much worse. I hope this inspires you, no matter what’s happening at this particular moment, to focus on the good. In fact, cling to it.

My week-long vacation starts in just a few more hours. I’m taking some time off from life for a while to celebrate my birthday on Tuesday and recharge. I really need it. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my boyfriend in Ojai for my birthday for a few days, then heading back home for a much-needed staycation to have the time to relax, catch-up on life, and think about the next steps.

As such, I’m also taking some time off from the blog, but not to worry – I’ll be back! I hope you’ll still be here.

Have an amazing weekend and week ahead.

I still made it a point to find that one thing a day, that brought a smile to my face, even during this crazy week. Here are some of my favorite moments from the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

Talk soon! x


{Day 39: 9:52am today. Heat wave in progress, and I’m lovin’ it. Another LA Friday has arrived.}


{Day 37: A fresh homemade strawberry smoothie to start another busy day.}


{Day 33: French films, festivals, and nights in Hollywood. Win, win.}


{Day 38: Dropping your phone from a second story building to meet its fate with the concrete, not cool. Getting a replacement phone in 24 hours because you were smart enough to always get phone insurance, now smiling.}

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