Today find us mid-way through June and half way through 2014. I’m constantly amazed at how time continues to fly and seemingly gain speed as I get older. I recall being a kid bummed once Christmas was over that I’d have to wait a WHOLE YEAR before Santa would visit again. I now find myself 20 years later thinking, “I can’t believe we’re already half way to the holidays! Didn’t we just have Christmas…like last week!?!”

It seemed almost like time stood still when I was a kid, waiting for the day that I could be a “grown up” and make my own damn decisions, earn my own damn money, and pretty much do whatever I damn well please. And in many instances, it was worth the damn wait. 🙂

If you think about it, 60 seconds is still 1 minute, 60 minutes is still 1 hour, and 24 hours is still one day – the same amount of time as when we were 10 running around the playground. Nothing’s changed, but our concept of time and how we spend it as adults.

Therefore, knowing it’s Monday and how Mondays often get a bad rap, I realize that our resistance to them and their not so great reputation – say, compared to Friday, is only making time go faster because we just want to hurry up and have it not be Monday anymore. This could be one of the small reasons, among many, why time seems so different as an adult. I don’t quite remember having such an aversion to Mondays as a kid. (Then again, that could be due to an aging memory.)

So I’m kicking off the week on ATG with one of my favorites: quotes that I’ve been collecting as of late, putting them together in a dedicated space, then turning it into a blog post to share with you. Perhaps they’ll speak to you on some level, as they have done for me.

It’s Monday, yes…but let’s be inspired by it anyway.

Have a good week. I’ll see you on Wednesday! xx

Inspired FInal ATG