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Similar to my now not so secret affection for overalls, the return of the romper is making me quite giddy. Perhaps it’s because it channels the flair of a dress without the full commitment. And when you find the right fit, there’s an undeniable flirtiness while saluting pure comfort that I find particularly appealing. The no-effort-required attribute make it the perfect versatile piece. Grab a blazer and some wedges and you’re set  for a summer night out on the town with the girls. Throw on a pair of flip-flops and a jean jacket and you’re out the door to grab brunch or run weekend errands.

As I researched this post, I often asked myself what is age appropriate to rock the ever trendy romper. Ideally, they seem fitting for teens and twenty-somethings given how short the inseams typically are on the standard romper. I’m not in either category anymore, having just entered my 30s. And yet, I’m still a fan. Not that I’m close to being an old lady quite yet, but it prompted me to look into the styling on other women of all ages and body types. I came across more than enough inspiration, making it a non-issue thanks to a simple Google search.

Interestingly, what I noticed is that a change in fabric to something more structured (as opposed to a casual/flimsy material), and/or opting to experiment with a more covered bodice area (as opposed to a strapless or spaghetti strap style), makes the romper more than just something the youngin’s can enjoy. And while you can play a bit with the inseam to get something slightly longer if you really keep your eyes peeled, it seems they tend to run short more often than not. If you can’t get behind that, no worries – the romper’s cousin, the jumpsuit, is your friend.

The more I think about it, rompers really are a simple case of “Hey, if she’s got the confidence to pull it off, by all means Work. It. Out.”

Needless to say, I’ve been itching to join the romper family. The great news about LA, is that the near year-round warm weather make it a good investment. I think one of these options just might be hanging in my closet come payday. Though I love all of these featured interpretations of the romper, I’d personally opt for something you can comfortably wear a regular bra with (shout-out the heavier-chested ladies that need support!).

Until then, all eyes are on the romper as my current fashion obsession. So, indulge me…and let’s romp!

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