Mixtape Monday: SF Bound

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Hi guys! I’m likely fighting my way through LAX to make my flight as you read this. It’s always such a “to-do” to fly these days. Is my carry-on packed right? Is my bag under 30 pounds? Are my liquids less than 3 ounces? Will my checked luggage arrive safely? Do I have everything? Oh, and don’t forget to wear slip-ons….airports just love making you take your shoes off.

As such, I need a new playlist to rock out to during my work trip to San Francisco. Here’s a random mishmash of tunes that should make the trip all the more delightful. Jam along if you’d like.

Now off to the fun part – filming! Have a great week!

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5 thoughts on “Mixtape Monday: SF Bound

  1. I am really loving Lenny Kravitz new album! I’m really into Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” my sister HATES it and she’s a BIG TSwift fan. The only one I just hate is Sam Smith, his voice drives me nuts! I don’t know maybe I’ll become a fan later on. I hope you have a good week in San Fran, just remember to breathe dear! 🙂

    • Thank you Meghan! So funny, I just love Sam Smith’s voice, I’m surprised that voice comes out of that face. I was never into Taylor Swift much but I’m so diggin’ this new track. I guess your sis might not like it much because it’s quite a deviation from her usual sound as I understand it. And I couldn’t agree more about the new Lenny Kravitz…it’s so sexy! Have a good week my friend!

      • You’re welcome and thank you! I do agree about Sam’s voice coming out of his face, I was confused! Yeah, my sister’s into country music, but she likes her pop music too so that’s why I thought it was so weird that she didn’t like it. Lennvy Kravitz is just sexy period. 😀

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