Halloween Is in the Air

Happy Halloween week, boys and girls! Finally, I’m in the Halloween spirit! It took awhile to get here, but the weather is cooling and the sun setting earlier, creating the perfect ambiance to finally welcome fall…and all things spooky to LA. I’ll admit what really put me in a festive place was having my first official fright night of the season – paying a visit to what has to be, hands down, one of the best haunted mazes I’ve ever been in last night, the Sherwood Scare. You might recall last year’s visit to the Sherwood Scare, where I raved and raved about what a great cause and a great time it was. This year was no different. It did not disappoint. I was happily spooked by the time we left and ready for Halloween.

What is it about a good scare that just gets a gal in the mood? In honor of Halloween week, I’m sharing 5 good frights and lots of good laughs to get us ready for the big night this Friday.

Until then, beware….Halloween is in the air!




#4. I’ve shared this video on my site before, but if you live in LA (or are aware of the culture here) this bears sharing again! Classic.


Have a great week! x

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