Angels Flight


Location: 351 South Hill Street, Downtown L.A.

One of the things I love about downtown that you can feel immediately, is this sense of history. While there are plenty of trendy and more modern buildings in the area, a walk around the corner and you’re transported to a slice of the early 1900’s.


Angels Flight, “The Shortest Railway in the World,” was first created in 1901 when the Bunker Hill district residents wanted an easy way to climb the short incline between two prominent downtown streets. Over 60 years later during a controversial redevelopment of the neighborhood, the railway was dismantled and placed into storage for 27 years. In 1996, Angels Flight was rebuilt and relocated to its current location, undergoing several repairs and upgrades throughout the years. You cannot help but notice the brightly colored orange marquee and unique structure of this famed landmark against the concrete and glass buildings surrounding it.

While you can physically walk the neighboring stairs much faster than the railway actually goes, for 50 cents it’s worth channeling this early 20th century treasure, even if it lasts less than an L.A. minute.