What I’m Lovin’ Right Now


…and luckily we don’t have to wait much longer! Summer officially joins us this Saturday, though I’d argue the calendar is about 3 weeks behind the actual weather. While summers now take on a different meaning as an adult than when I was in 5th or 6th grade trying my best to past the time until school started again (yes, I was one of those nerds that actually liked school), I still have a deep fondness for this time of year. Long, sunny, warm days that somehow give the impression of having just a little bit more time after a long day of being an “adult” to go out and have some fun. When thinking about the things that make this time of year special, I realize that what I’m lovin’ right now are all things in salute to that memorable time we call summer.

Beach essentials: cover-ups, straw hats, and totes. Quick and easy meals that hardly require any cooking (because there’s nothing worse than trying to throw down in a HOT kitchen during the dead of summer). Open toed shoes. Even brighter lip and nail polish shades. Braids to keep things in place. Cotton dresses. And lots of sunscreen…because I basically plan to live at the beach until further notice.

Finally, let’s not forget cravings of “more.” Number 4 below encapsulates things quite nicely. So until the calendar catches up with the weather in just a few short days, here’s what I’m lovin’ right now…

I think you will too.

Hello summer!



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Shade deets, #8: Perpetual Flame (my new fav!)

Shade deets, #10: Tart Deco