17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach

There was one special highlight I purposely omitted from yesterday’s post during our Carmel getaway that was so spectacular, so breathtaking, it deserves the spotlight all its own.


17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, considered one of the most famous scenic routes in the world, takes you through spectacular forest and ocean views. While I was surprised at the admission fee to take the drive (hey – we don’t charge peeps to cruise P.C.H.!!), I wasn’t disappointed and later understood the small cost because of the unique community  and experience ahead. Upon entry, you get a handy map listing 21 points of interest along the way guiding you to stop and spend some time taking in the landscape around you. From the 1st point of interest at Shepherd’s Knoll with amazing views of the Monterey Bay, to the Lone Cypress’s 250 year stay on a rocky perch, to a short stop to see how the other side lives at the fancy Pebble Beach Resort, it was something to see.

If you are ever nearby, make it a point to take this stunning excursion. In the meantime, you can live vicariously through mine…

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Highlights: Carmel

After a very happy Christmas Day and once I had gotten over the initial shock of such a thoughtful and extravagant gift, we headed out to enjoy the surprise Christmas trip from my boyfriend, a 3 (that turned into 4 – long story) night stay in Carmel!

I had never been to Carmel-by-the-Sea (which I learned is the city’s official full name), and honestly, had only heard of it because of Clint Eastwood. (How cultured of me, I know). As a lover of travel, good hotels, dining out, and sight seeing, I knew I was in for a real treat. Better yet, I was going to get 4 full uninterrupted days of adventure with my favorite person! 🙂

It was the prefect mixture of relaxation (i.e. spending lots of time lounging in our hotel room watching Saturday Night Live re-runs on VH1) and exploration (i.e. getting to know the city of Carmel).

Random fact: I just visited the city’s Wikipedia page and apparently there’s a law that prohibits the use of high heels without a permit due to uneven pavement throughout the town. Thank god I wore my Converse and didn’t get rock my 4 inch heels – it seems that would’ve been illegal!

Here are a few highlights from our Carmel-by-the-Sea adventure:


{Our hotel, Carmel Mission Inn.}


{Loved the beach-y inspired flair to the room with this cool electric blue lighting over the bed!}


{Nothing like starting the day with room service.}


{Exploring The Crossroads shops across the street from our hotel on a beautiful rainy day.}


{This is by far the coolest way I’ve ever been served a vanilla latte! Nothing but nice things to say about our breakfast experience at “From Scratch Restaurant.”}


{Exploring the shopping and dining places on the other side of our hotel, The Barnyard.}


{View from our 4th floor hotel room. I loved all the trees, so much greenery.}

1-ATG Pix - Christmas 2012

{Roaming Downtown Carmel. Very quaint. Very expensive.}

1-ATG Pix - Christmas 20121

{400 Degrees Gourmet Burgers & Fries. This place was super cool! You placed and paid for your custom made burger order on the device at your table and your hot food came directly to you when ready. I predict we’ll be seeing this in L.A. very soon.}


{Finally, I made a wish and threw a penny into this fountain in a park in Downtown Carmel. Here’s to hoping it comes true.}