DIY: Make-Up Brush Holder

I. Love. CandlesTrouble is when I’m done burning them, I feel a bit guilty but end up simply tossing the glass jar in the trash. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my Pinterest addiction, it’s that there’s usually a great way to re-purpose something and get crafty with its use, especially when it comes to glass.

I’ve been looking for a way to revamp my bathroom counter and thought the idea of putting my make-up brushes out in a nice presentation would do it and I’d get to clean out my make-up drawer some. Win, win. Why go out and buy a brush holder, when I can take a $4.00 candle jar, clean it out, and reuse it!?!

The trick is to remove the remaining wax from the jar. I found a nifty video (thanks YouTube!) to help with this small annoyance.  Since I don’t want any angry comments, here’s my disclaimer: caution when working with the glass jar over the hot stove (duh!). 🙂

Operation make-up brush holder was under way and done within minutes.

{Dirty jar, cleaning process, clean jar.}

{Taking stock of my collection. Clearly I don’t need any more eyelash curlers.}

{Make-up brush holder = done.}