11 Questions for Thanksgiving

I came across Dr. Karen Horneffer-Gitner’s Huffington Post article, 20 Questions for Thanksgiving, last week and was instantly inspired to play along. In it, she shares how instead of asking the very cliché “What are you thankful for?” question in an effort to create meaningful dialog with her family on Thanksgiving (which usually prompted equally cliché answers) she’d ask more specific and challenging questions about gratitude to help develop an engaging conversation.

I absolutely loved this idea. Around Thanksgiving, I usually blog about what I’m grateful for in life, and it seems to sound pretty similar year-to-year: my health, loved ones, etc. Of course, these things are still of great importance to me that would make any gratitude list again and again. As I read through some of her questions, I thought I would take a different approach this year. I selected 11 out of her 20 questions (some of which I actually did have to spend quite a bit of time thinking about!) and answered them below.

This will be my last post for the week. If you’re anything like me, you plan to be as far away from the internet as possible for the next few days….and in front of a plate of food! Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll see you in December…


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With Gratitude…

make-a-wish-atg-final_With Gratitude

I’ve been feeling out of sorts as of late and though I’m pretty aware of the reasons for it, I’m also trying to remember that it goes with the ebb and flow of life. It’s only natural, apart of the ride. Much of what’s contributing to this feeling I realize is a signal that it’s time for a change. I’m trying to work out what I feel the next steps should be to bring me into better alignment with “what next?” but it’s producing a range of emotions that is another story altogether. Rather than dwell on it too much, I know the best way to deal with a flux in your mood as you work through anything in life is to continue to live in gratitude. It’s when you focus on the good, what brings you joy, however big or small, that makes the journey all the more meaningful…and a little easier.

I try to live by the philosophy of keeping your spirits in the right perspective, even as you progress through a range of emotions. Of course, this is a constant conversation I have to have with myself when dealing with the unknown. The interesting thing is that oftentimes whatever is nagging you tends to works itself out, or the right guidance will come just when you need it to. So though I’ve been in a pretty blah mood this week, I’m with gratitude for the small things, waiting until that ah-ha moment comes and I find my next step. These 11 come to mind:

  • As the weather continues to cool in LA (finally!) and it actually starts to feel like fall (finally!), my (very girly) addiction to candles is alive and well again. Nothing beats the warm glow and the heavenly scent that makes home feel all the more like my special refuge.
  • 7 words: Gilmore. Girls. Is. Now. Streaming. On. Netflix. (Amid the glow of those aforementioned candles, will be much “ass on couch time” re-living one of my favorite shows as a teen.)
  • I recently discovered Trader Joe’s Belgian Butter Almond Thins and I can already tell this is going to a be problem. I can’t put them down. Yum!
  • The one thing I never take for granted: being in good health.
  • The other thing I never take for granted: a good job and a paycheck.
  • The other, other thing I never take for granted: a warm place to sleep at night.
  • Iced vanilla lattes.
  • My Stinker – who makes me breakfast every weekend…and readily helps in my coffee addiction.
  • Along with the switch in seasons means (finally!) getting to rock scarves – the ultimate fall staple.
  • Birchbox makes me happy.
  • The smell of a Stargazer lily, arguably my favorite flower if I had to pick one.

I’m with gratitude…

What are you grateful for?

Happy hump day to you! x

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With Gratitude…

with gratitude - atg

{Saturday mornings.}

You couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous LA weekend! We just might skip spring altogether and head straight into summer at the rate that we’re going. No kidding boys and girls, my air-conditioning was on most of the day on Sunday to combat 90° temperatures just outside my door.

While it turned out be a rather lazy weekend as to be expected, I did manage to get out and have one of the best deep tissue massages I’ve EVER had (I’m still slightly sore from the “work-out” Pietro gave me, but I literally floated through the rest of the day I was so relaxed). After a successful stop at Trader Joe’s (meaning I actually found a parking space without having to growl at anyone), then an all too successful stop at Target for the essentials (and those not so much, because, hey – it’s Target)! I was on track for an amazing weekend.

And yet, though the sun was shining and I had everything I needed around me, I couldn’t shake this small funk I found myself in on Sunday for reasons I won’t bore you with. Nothing in particular happened (though as I write this, I can pinpoint where things took a turn Saturday afternoon). I suppose it’s just the ebb and flow of being human. We must embrace the highs with the lows and not beat ourselves up over it.

I know the best thing to do when you feel yourself slipping into a pity party for one, is to stop, take a deep breath, and focus on the good. It’s not exactly helping that it’s also Monday – you know, my favorite day of the week (enter sarcasm). I thought I would start the week with 10 things (large and small and in random order) that I’m grateful for at the moment to shake things up, lift this nasty funk, and get me back to the light.

With gratitude for…

  1. Everything about the picture above from Saturday morning. French toast with fresh-cut strawberries, eggs with avocado, and an iced coffee I made for breakfast. Add in my kindle on “Chapter One” of a new read I’ve been waiting over a month to start (because I was #22 in line on the holds list at the library forever) and I couldn’t have been happier.
  2. The universe put a sweet guy in my life (and he made me dinner on Saturday AND Sunday AND brought me macaroons for dessert).
  3. Steady employment (always a good thing and in the industry I actually studied in college – go figure!).
  4. Essie’s “Watermelon” nail polish. My at home mani/pedi over the weekend have my nails ready for spring.
  5. My health! Duh. (This should probably have come up sooner on the list).
  6. My “little” brother. He’s not exactly little anymore (though he always will be to me). Who knew the little guy following me around bugging me all day, everyday, incessantly as a kid would turn out to be a best friend?
  7. All I have to do is think back to the days when all I wanted was a car to go anywhere my heart desired. I watched with much envy in high school as friends of mine got that freedom much sooner than I did because I couldn’t afford a car. Hands down, this is STILL one of the best parts about being an adult: having a car I LOVE to drive with a full tank of gas to go anywhere I want…and I don’t even have to ask.
  8. Hot Tamales (yes, you read that right).
  9. The art of cinema, my obsession.
  10. Blogging. At this moment, that funk that I was in when I started this post has somehow, someway…just evaporated.

Let’s not forget the small things and live in gratitude. It’s the only way. Have a great week!

Love & Light,


Happy Thanksgiving

2013-11-17 18.36.42

{Pardon my “french”  but this gets me every year! Haha!}

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I’m taking the rest of this week off from my blog – with uninterrupted goals of stuffing my face silly, watching movies, and indulging in all things relaxing.

Before I go, I thought I would share a few things I’m grateful for at this particular moment:

  1.  A cozy and comfortable place to call home every night.
  2. Steady employment (always a good thing in this business and this economy).
  3. The company of a good book / spending time with my Kindle.
  4. Dirty Chai Lattes (try one the next time you’re at Starbucks or your local Café –  shhh! they’re on the secret menu).
  5. A car I love to drive with the freedom to go anywhere my heart (but more likely, my wallet) desires.
  6. My good health.
  7. And my Stinker, Ryan.

|| What I’m Lovin’ Right Now ||

I‘m a firm believer in spring cleaning. Being that I’m very slightly O.C.D., I’m more the type to try (and sometimes fail) to keep up on this throughout the year because I absolutely, with a passion, hate (HATE) clutter. This season, I’m committed to really doing a hardcore spring cleaning cycle. I have clothes in my closet that I need to part with for your typical reasons. Jewelry in my jewelry box that I bought at Forever 21 years ago that now looks like it’s from Forever 21 (cheap). And of course, there’s a storage closet and old paperwork that could use a good sift through. I‘m by no means a pack rat. I‘ve even been told that for a grown woman I don’t have much stuff, which is how I prefer to keep it during my younger years. It means I can pick-up and move with the flow of life or to Europe at any time. Either way, we can all use a good purge. It not only feels amazing when you let go, but makes room for what the new season brings. One week until Spring!

here’s what i’m lovin’ right now

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