What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

Happy Hump Day! 9 random things making me smile today. One that aims to help you make better pasta (because I could eat it all day). One that gives advice on how to start the first 10 minutes of your day with purpose (as opposed to stumbling out of bed and straight for the coffee maker). And one that makes you giddy scarf (and plaid) season has arrived. The other 6? Well, read on and see. Here’s what I’m lovin’ right now…


1. Plaid on plaid done right. |  Happily Grey

2. The best way to scare off burglars and keep that entry hall mud-free. |  Neighbors’ Doormat

3. Something fresh for fall…and your nails. | Essie’s “Take it Outside” (image via)

4. “10 Things To Do the First 10 Minutes of Your Day.” |  Apartment Therapy

5. A playful and fashionable way to take on rainy days ahead. | Kate Spade’s Rain Check Umbrella

6.  A little something vintage-esque & glowing to add to your space. | Mason Jar Chandelier Light

7.  How to glam up your bathroom counter, while organizing that burgeoning lipstick collection. | Lipstick Holder

8. “Mario Batali’s 6 Essential Tools for Cooking Pasta.” | Food52

9. The best “a-ha” I’ve moment I’ve had in weeks. | Pro-tip

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Outdoor Living

outdoor living ATG FINAL HEADER

{Popcorn, candles, pillows, subtle lighting, makeshift movie screen, & the great outdoors. Insert me here…NOW.}

I’m pretty blessed to live in one of the most enviable places when it comes to amazing weather. Well, in all honestly, we don’t really get much “weather” – it’s typically sunny and warm most days, though maybe we’ll get a total of 2 weeks of rain a year (if that), and a solid month or so of our version of “winter.” This is a-okay for a born and bred California girl – it’s on record that I don’t do well when the temperature drops below 75°.

Unfortunately, I, like millions of other Angelenos, live in a small apartment and don’t have the luxury of an outdoor patio space. When I was on the prowl for my now current apartment, at the time it was much more important that I have my own place, alone, than have all the amenities of California living. So I chose what was feasible given my tight budget and didn’t blink or entertain the thought about having an outdoor space. That was 2 years ago.

There’s a saying that no matter what you attain in life, somehow you outgrow what you once wanted and want more. I find myself, now 2 years into living in my apartment, still very happy, but dreaming of those amenities I gave up when my priorities were different. Isn’t it funny how that works?

So I’m going to take over the blog today and use it as a bit of a wishing well, if I may. You often start small and work your way up in nearly every facet of life. I suppose my desire to write this post means that my sights are now looking to that next facet, ready for the next step when the time comes. Though my next apartment will, at the very least, have an outdoor patio (and realistically will look nothing like many of the photos pictured below) – I’m thinking ahead to the day that I have a big backyard to throw BBQ’s, entertain guests, watch movies under the stars, or simply sit in a hammock with a good book. And when that day comes, I hope to look back at this post for inspiration, thinking of those days when I was a youngin’ working hard to make ends meet, happy to have her own place, but looking forward to the day I could expand to include outdoor living. I can’t wait.

Cheers to summer and the great outdoors! x


{A sophisticated and modern way to incorporate my favorite color. LOVE the lighting fixtures.}


{My own private cabana… in the heart of my backyard. Yes, please.}


{Wall-mounted, folding drink station. Perfect for freeing up space on your table during a party or when hanging in your back yard. Such a cool, easy, and affordable idea.}


{Outdoor living room…because, naturally, we will all have plenty of space to actually build this.}


{Stringed lighting ideas. I’m favoring those mini lanterns. An easy idea to use for my next place, no matter the patio size.}


{Stone covered outdoor kitchen, steel appliances…(excuse the less than stellar photo quality. I just loved this, but couldn’t find a higher res image).}


{The lighting scheme, the center fireplace, the pillar design and warm color palette, everything is perfection.}


{Channeling all things rustic. If I were to have a covered deck with lakeside views – this would be the way to go. Classic!}


{Bringing the inside, outside. Pitchers as flower vases. The perfect outdoor centerpiece.}




{Outdoor BBQ’ing inspiration, times 3.}


{A modern take on water fountains. A definite backyard staple and high on my list, despite the cost to run them.}


{Outdoor sink/ bar area. The brick detailing is exquisite.}


{Cool take on a hammock.}


{DIY deck, with built-in side planters. I’d stain this to a darker finish though.}


{It’s not at all practical in LA, but I think a huge center fire pit surrounded by big cozy chairs is a backyard must.}

7758f849e28b6acba448ccd6f155658d{My sentiments exactly. Signage for my dream patio.}

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*All images sourced from Pinterest. Nearly all links lead nowhere to state firm photo sources. If you happen to know, please share and I can update.