Farewell Abbot Kinney

1-2013-03-23_11-48-36_651There was always one unassuming oasis resting on the chaotic Abbot Kinney Boulevard that I found myself at many times over the years. It was Jin Patisserie – a small, charming pastry boutique with an outdoor garden cafe. I spent several afternoons with a small pot of my favorite green tea, their delicious quiche, and a surprise sweet treat; enjoying the tranquil setting alone with a book and a smile on my face. Other times, it was almost always the first place I thought of when a friend wanted to get together for lunch because I adored introducing people to its unique charisma. This past weekend, I paid one last visit for lunch with my boyfriend and a friend to say goodbye.


About three weeks ago, I learned from a L.A. Magazine article that due to the rising costs of leasing on the now extremely trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard – Jin Patisserie would be forced to close – a pattern that is spreading up and down the short strip as I type this post. While Abbot Kinney has always been one of the more popular streets in L.A.; known for its one of a kind, vintage inspired merchandise; high quality ingredient dining options; fused together by a laid back beach-y vibe – it was also home to many small original ventures that can no longer afford to keep up with its growing popularity.


{my favorite tea – peche mignon.}


{ham & feta quiche lunch combo.}

The silver lining to Jin Patisserie’s farewell to Abbot Kinney is that you can still order your favorite pastries and loose leaf tea selections online from their production kitchen in Culver City. And while Kristy Choo, its beloved owner, says that she’s looking for a new space to relocate – I cannot help but think about how it wouldn’t be the same. Perhaps it’s because I associate happy memories of the patisserie and the boulevard interchangeably. Perhaps she’ll find a way to create an even better oasis at an even better location. The fact that she managed to keep a successful business up and running in the restaurant fickle city of Los Angeles for 10 years is a celebration in and of itself.

While I’m not bidding farewell to spending many upcoming warm L.A. Saturdays strolling the sidewalks of Abbot Kinney personally, I’m saying farewell to my favorite part of it.


{the day’s sweet treat – Macarons.}