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{My desk feels complete again.}

Well guys. I have some news. I’m in a new relationship and though it’s less than a week old – I think I’m in love!  I won’t go into heavy detail about all the various “dates” and losers I had to sift through, the reminiscing about old times with my last love, and all the follow-up research and more dates I went on before I made the commitment, but I will say that as of right now, life is good.

Okay, silly metaphors aside – my first world problem is resolved and I couldn’t be happier about it. I bought a new laptop last weekend on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, after spending the week before heavily researching what I wanted and figuring out how things have changed since I’ve been in the market for a new computer.  I’m starting to feel like everything is falling back into place. I struggled a lot with the MacBook Pro versus a higher-end PC and ultimately decided that cost would drive my decision, among important technical and aesthetic specifications and features that I was looking for.

The funny thing is that it’s been so long since I’ve had a new laptop – it’s been strange acclimating to all the fun new differences this one has (I forget that if I touch the screen it reacts – though I’m not sure why laptops with touchscreens are so hot right now anyway!?!). And while I won’t say that I absolutely hate it, because I don’t  – Windows 8 is an…adjustment.

With this dilemma behind me, I’m ready to move forward. I’m sure my boyfriend is too, who patiently listened to me talk about nothing but RAM, gigabytes, processors, touch screens, optical drives, screen size, MAC vs. PC, and battery life for a week straight – even happily taking my picture holding the box once I got it home. (Thanks Darlin’!)

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Other highlights during the week were much more simplistic in nature. It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall in LA. I’ve been so stoked not only to feel the gradual shift in weather, but in all things turning pumpkin. Indulging in my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, rockin’ a pair of boots, and feeling the chilly draft in the air when waking up in the morning have been so invigorating after such a hot sticky summer. I was so happy about my latte – I kissed the cup 🙂

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The plan this weekend is to spend some time setting up my laptop and trying to crack the code of what the heck Windows 8 is trying to do. I’ll catch a film with my guy and run errands, you know, the usual. I think this a weekend to simply sit back, relax, enjoy the turning of the leaves, and be grateful that life really is good. Have an amazing weekend guys and Happy Fall!