Operation: Find The Perfect Christmas Tree

It was a beautiful, crisp, sunny Saturday morning a couple of weeks back when my boyfriend and I paid a visit to the Christmas tree lot. I knew I wanted something small, that would give my place a little extra celebratory warmth for the holidays.

After about five minutes, I found exactly what I was looking for. Although we weren’t there very long, just walking through rows and rows of trees and taking in the smell lifted my spirits instantly. The next day, we had a mini tree decorating party, watched “Home Alone” (an all time fave), ate Chipotle (too lazy to cook) and baked cookies (well, not that lazy).

It was a great way to end the weekend and to officially start the celebration of Christmas.


{Trees everywhere!}


{Gorgeous but a little too big for my place (and $300!).}


{I thought about getting one these instead of a tree…but only for a quick moment.}


{The winner, before.}




Highlights: Holiday Inspired

It’s amazing how literally everything around you changes during this time of year to bring the spirit of the holidays alive. Magically, green and red colors infiltrate your world, the make-overs in store window fronts and shopping malls prompt you to spend away, Christmas trees pop up all over town, homes glow from the sparkle of lights at night, and egg nog, peppermint, and gingerbread everything become all the rage. 11 days until the big day. Here are a few Holiday themed highlights that have been making the season extra festive:


{Starbucks’ new holiday themed paper cups.}


{“Operation: watch tons of Christmas movies” has been going well. So far I’ve watched 5 festive flicks, including this fun stay at home and get cozy comedy, The Holiday.}


{These adorable reindeer made from real Christmas trees.}


{Goodies received from a recent holiday party gift exchange.}


{Gifted homemade toffee crunch.}