As I think about the last 7 days, I think about how all over the place it’s been emotionally. I’ve been enjoying the residuals of a good spring cleaning, yoga was a much-needed hour and a half of “me time” this past Tuesday, and I’m still thinking often of our friends in Boston and worldwide.

A few ordinary nights were spent exploring what’s new in cinema. I saw Robert Redford’s film, The Company You Keep (wait for Netflix on this one); and a new documentary, No Place On Earth, capturing the story of the Stermer family’s struggle to hide underground during World War II in a calculated effort to elude the Nazis. It’s a pretty amazing story. I didn’t particularly care of the use of re-enactments, but then again, I suppose there was no other way to tell such an incredible journey of living in a cave for a year and a half.

The good news? It’s going to be gorge this weekend in L.A.! Looking forward to a relaxing and fun-filled 2 days. I’m kicking it off by meeting a friend tonight for dinner at one my favorite places to indulge in. A visit to the farmers’ market Sunday morning is definitely in order, and I’m excited to start a new book. I’m going to keep it light this time with Rachel Bertsche’s memoir, WMF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend. I’ll let you know how it is.

Have a great weekend!