Rockin’ The Vote

I was out the door at 9:15am this morning, sample ballot complete and in-hand, on the way to my polling location next door. No line! Who-hoo! Oh, and did I mention it was 80 degrees this morning? On election day? 2 months into “Fall?”

I won’t get into the specifics of how I think one should vote. It’s a very personal and subjective decision based on experiences in life, upbringing, and environment.

I will say, it felt good to walk out of the polling place this morning knowing that I’d contributed (and before I’ve even had my coffee!). While I have very strong opinions about our presidential race, I wanted to place extra careful thought into understanding our state propositions this year. Typically, these are the measures that seem to hit closer to home, that are oftentimes not given as much weight in favor of who is running for President.

Of course, much emphasis is absolutely necessary in selecting our Commander in Chief. However, I’d argue that we should be getting similar styles of debate material and more information pumped our way in understanding these measures; outside of poorly produced television commercials and banners all over town. I’d like the people who write these measures to get televised coverage of what they are proposing and then open it to a forum for discussion for its acceptance or rejection. One literally has to cram like a college final to educate yourself and become informed independently. I’m not at all suggesting that people shouldn’t work to follow politics, but I am suggesting that we give voters more clear and concise information on what’s being asked of us.

In the end, I figured things out and did feel like a college student again studying hard to learn what measures are politically sound in my opinion. I don’t want to brag (okay, I do) but I graduated cum laude – so we’ll see how those expensive study habits and interpretive skills pay off in just a few short hours.

As soon as I got my “I Voted” sticker, my next politically savvy move was to get some caffeine in me and no question it was iced. 🙂

Roseanne Barr for President! Totally kidding by the way.