Much like the weather this week in L.A., it’s been a personal roller coaster for me full of ups and downs. Happy news, unexpected surprises, and even expected surprises (my first Birchbox made its appearance this week!) managed to brighten some of those less sunny moments.

Looking forward to a yoga class and Oscar Sunday this weekend, where I’ll be hanging out and watching the broadcast with the girls this year taking copious notes on best dressed. Have a beautiful weekend. Here are this weeks highlights:



{Flowers from my Valentine! xx}

FURNITURE| desk chair


{My new accent/desk chair that goes oh so perfectly with my new parson’s desk! xx}

EAT| homemade strawberry pancakes


{I’ve been on a serious strawberry kick lately, from frozen yogurt to putting them in pancake mix and then on top of the pancakes for added effect – I love strawberries. I can’t wait until they come back in season officially, but have been surprised at how sweet they are given it’s only February.}

BEAUTY| birchbox


{My first Birchbox arrived yesterday! It made me super giddy to see what was inside and I cannot wait to try out the new goodies. Look for an upcoming blog post on my first Birchbox, where I’ll review the products and share my likes and dislikes with you. I’ll let you know if this Birchbox craze is worth the hype. Stay tuned and stay beautiful.}


Highlights: The Weekend

It was a complicated couple of days for me this weekend. Suffice to say I went through a myriad of emotions, for a myriad of reasons. (I think the ladies can understand this feeling every once in a while :)).  As the weather decided to be a bit kinder this weekend, so did my take on everything that was happening around me and within me. I managed to keep an eye on the sunshine! Here are a few highlights that brought many smiles to my face:

Movie marathon on Sunday. Instant mood booster. We even covered three genres. Sometimes you just need a completely lazy day in bed watching movies.

The simplicity of grabbing my two favorites from Starbucks: an iced grande, soy, toffee nut latte & a cranberry orange scone.

My sweet boyfriend bringing a big bag of my favorite candy (don’t judge!)

They say money doesn’t buy you happiness. In this case, I beg to differ and tend to do so when it comes to flowers. $5.00 well spent!