This week went by incredibly fast for me, but turned out to be a good one. I’m loving the extra sunlight after work hours motivating me in ways that fall and winter never seem to. Really great things happened in really small ways as I look back over the last week. My 2nd Birchbox made an appearance, I learned my lesson when I ran out of my favorite cleanser and my skin was NOT happy about it, the new gym in my building opened up, and I treated myself to my first pair of spring inspired wedges.

I have a lot on my plate this weekend. A trip to the museum is on the agenda (since last weekend we ended up at the Walt Disney Concert Hall instead), a stop at my favorite grilled cheese place is a must, as well as spending some time roaming the farmer’s market to kill two birds with one stone – enjoying the 80 degree weather while stocking up on goodies for the week. Have an amazing weekend! It’s going to be gorgeous here!

My week’s highlights…

EXPLORE| grand park


I sat in the new(ish) Grand Park in downtown L.A. with my boyfriend watching the massive water fountain and sipping an iced tea on a Saturday afternoon and it was simply magical. I plan to spend more time here at some point in the coming months enjoying all the free concerts and programming offered.

BEAUTY| birchbox


Boy, was I glad to see this hand delivered to my door last Saturday morning. So far, I’m very happy with this month’s samples. Review post to come later this month!

BREAKFAST| strawberries


I bought a huge vat of sweet strawberries and have been happily enjoying them for breakfast (and when I need a frozen yogurt fix) this week, but it’s reminding me to always keep dental floss in my purse.

BEAUTY| murad


I ran out of my favorite cleanser and didn’t immediately replace it, instead using some left over product I had on hand. Let’s just say my skin was not very happy about it and rebelled pretty quickly. Once that became utterly clear, I ordered it online and painstakingly waited a week for its arrival because I save so much more money (gotta love Amazon). Now, all is well in the world.

SHOES| audrey brooke teagan


I stumbled on these Audrey Brooke Teagan Wedge Pumps a few weeks back and instantly added them to my Pinterest gotta have board. Patience paid off when I received a great coupon and free shipping earlier this week. They’re on their way!


In Her Shoes

A sweet and unexpected surprise came my way recently. A colleague of mine and I were chit-chatting away and somehow got on the topic of shoes. She looked at me and said, “What size do you wear? I have a pair of gray patent leather pumps that I can’t wear anymore.”

Now, I’m a size 10 (huge feet, I know) by trade, so when she mentioned they were a 9.5 it didn’t stop me one iota when she told me she’d bring them in for me to try on to see if I liked them. Note: I can wear a 9.5 when the shoe is designed slightly too big or they’re cute enough (and free) to deal with a bit of a snug fit!

Say hello to my new gray, patent leather, mary-jane, peep-toe pumps (whew!) What I love about these shoes is that yes, they actually do fit (who-hoo!) and typically, this is a shoe that if I saw sitting on a display, I wouldn’t even consider wearing. When I got home and tried these guys on with a few looks, I was pleased that I actually had something different from the heels that are my closet. Ironically, I’ve been itching for a bit of a tweak to my look and I know these shoes will carry me from the office to any plans I might have after work. A win on all fronts and a lesson learned about being more open with your style! Maybe my tastes are simply changing.  A huge thanks to the kind fellow shoe-lover that passed them on rather than let them collect dust in her closet.