Srunrise ATG FINAL{If you have to be up at 5:15am for a 6:30am call-time, watching the sunrise makes up for it.}

Home sweet home! As much as I love traveling, I always forget how exhausting it is because you’re so focused on the preparations and then the excitement for the adventure ahead. Add in that this was a work trip first and foremost, and exhaustion probably doesn’t even describe how fried I am on all levels at the moment. That being said, it was an amazing trip overall, and I’m grateful that all went well with our documentary shoot. San Francisco was absolutely beautiful, which was a concern given that much of our filming was outdoors and we wanted to avoid that notorious SF fog. More importantly, we managed to have good meals in-between filming, dinner at the über sexy Foreign Cinema being a huge highlight of my time there. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in town and looking for something special. I can still taste the swordfish and sips of lavender lemonade in my mouth as I write this.

But back to life, back to reality. Happy to be home.

I have to say, that almost every single time I travel – I always, always, always miss home…in particular, my own bed! Hotels, while fun in their own right, are never quite the same. I also forget how disconnected you feel from things going on back at home and in the larger world, because you’re not tied to your computer all day; and yes, while you have your phone, even it can decide it’s had enough and you find yourself trying to be careful about battery usage so that your phone makes it through a long day with you.

It’s probably not surprising to you that I plan to spend the weekend decompressing, re-joining life and catching up with what’s going on in the world. Very necessary things like grocery shopping, a Target run, and laundry will be high on the list. One thing of note is that I’m super excited to see my guy to see what’s been one of the most anticipated films this year for me personally, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. We waited for the “Her” and “Him” release, where the narrative is told from her perspective, then again from his. This means it’ll be a long 3-hour Friday night at the movies. It’s worth it though. I’m a fan of James McAvoy and I’m sure my Jessica Chastain girl crush will only deepen.

Have an amazing weekend. Here are some other highlights of life in SF from this week.

See you Monday! x

Virgin Plane ATG FINAL{I didn’t fly first class or anything, but there’s something about Virgin America’s ambiance that just speaks to me. Perhaps it’s the sexy purple-ness of it all?}

AudioRole ATG FINAL{A small crew means we take on many roles. This is me as audio/sound person.}

Basic Bitch Latte ATG FINAL{Latte break for a “Basic Bitch.” Now, this isn’t me just feeling the need to curse at you. This is what the drink was called, but it’s really just a pumpkin latte if you ask me.}

SF Mural ATG FINAL{SF has some amazing street art. This mural was just off Valencia Street. The whole alley is covered by art.}

ForeignCinema ATG FINAL{Foreign Cinema. The restaurant projects films on the back wall in its courtyard. We ate inside near the fireplace. As I said, it’s pretty sexy!}

Bay Bridge{View of the Bay Bridge from Coit Tower.}

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