Sun. Snow. City. Subs.


Location: (A frozen) Big Bear Lake, CA

One of the most enviable things about living in L.A. is that you can hit the beach one day, enjoy city life the next, take a step back and melt into the calm suburbs the following day, then head to the mountains for some snow action if that bores you. I even came up with a nifty (and cheesy) new thought when you break it down: Sun. Snow. City. Subs. = L.A.

A glance up at the distant snow-covered mountains a few weeks back and an upcoming long weekend that also happened to be around my boyfriend and I’s anniversary, seemed like just the right time to leave the sun and the city to play in the snow. A drive up the winding mountainside; and we were in the charming, quaint, and snow-covered Big Bear Mountains 2 hours later.

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{Driving up.}

The plan for the day was simple: enjoy the drive and a change of scenery, walk around the small town, have a nice lunch (the Peppercorn Grille was amazing), check out some of the shops, smile, and head home!

While it’s been pretty cold (then randomly warm) in L.A. over the last few weeks and I knew it would be rather “chilly” being up in the mountains – my body was not all ready for the sharp temperature drop during the day because I’m such a wuss when it comes to cold weather! Thus, I didn’t even attempt to go tubing this time around.

Here are a few more photos from the day. We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful one. Enjoy!



{Stopping to take in the view.}


{The town.}


{Buying bulk Jelly Bellys – which I can totally do back home but I couldn’t resist.}

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{Admiring the snow.}


{Heading home.}