I’m slowly starting to feel like my old self again. The long holiday weekend was just what I needed to recharge and evaluate what’s been “off.” If you recall, last week I was in the throws of low energy levels, struggling with perpetual exhaustion. I’ve been making some tweaks to my lifestyle lately to help improve things.

First, I decided to return to a consistent vitamin regimen. This is something I was a stickler about for years, but mainly due to cost (I’m a huge fan of New Chapter organic vitamins), I stalled on this because I couldn’t decide if I should stick with what I like or try something new. Since I couldn’t make a focused decision either way, I did nothing (smart huh?). Secondly, I’ve been monitoring my diet more aggressively. I think I’ve gotten a wee bit too lenient with my eating habits and I can feel it (Hot Tamales while at the movies is my weapon of choice). Lastly, I’ve been making a conscious effort to work on getting enough sleep. This is an area that I’ve struggled with over the last year or so. I have no trouble falling asleep, but sleeping soundly throughout the night can be difficult for me sometimes. Luckily, this week has been much better when it came to that.

What also greatly contributed to my rising energy levels was likely that this week was simply fun and I smiled a lot.

I saw Fast 6 opening night at the Arclight in Hollywood with the best audience ever. Everyone was in great spirits, cheering at all the insane action sequences for 2 straight hours. Vin Diesel and the rest of the cast made a surprise appearance at the end of the film just to stop by and say hello. Needless to say, it was a blast!

My boyfriend and I headed over to a small local carnival over the holiday weekend and I found myself on a ferris wheel for the first time in a while. I felt 15 again. I don’t know if you remember the “Thriller” ride (photo reference below) but I went on this ride solo, and immediately realized that I wasn’t 15 anymore. I don’t recall being so dizzy for so long when I rode it as a kid. Ah, aging. 🙂


Aside from Fast 6, I found myself taking in quite a few films this week, all diverse, entertaining, and engaging in their own way. I saw the highly stylized documentary, We Steal Secrets, profiling the rise and fall of Julian Assange and the Wikileaks website scandal; my favorite film of the year (so far) Before Midnight; and Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby which turned out to be more enjoyable than I was expecting (and makes me want to read the book again!).

This weekend, since it was so much fun “being 15” again at the carnival on a Saturday night last week, we’re heading out for a night of miniature golf, and the plan on my end is to keep working on more tweaks to improve my energy.

Have a great weekend!

Highlights from this week:


{Surprise flowers from Ryan.}


{Vanilla French Toast from Blu Jam. Yum.}


{Business lunch at Tavern – very chic.}


{Sitting high on the ferris wheel.}


{A much-need and particularly great yoga class.}