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While on my way to the office a few days ago, Lady Gaga and her mantra to “Just Dance” came into rotation on my iPod while cruising down the 405 freeway, moon roof open, enjoying the L.A. sunshine. Instantly, it took me back to Friday nights circa 2007-2009.

I was in my mid-twenties, single, going out with the girls to dance, dance, dance the night away! While it certainly wasn’t every Friday night that I ventured from the west side into Hollywoodland, there was a time when this was how I kicked-off my weekends. There was something about dressing up, having a cocktail, and checking out the hot spots with friends that I just didn’t want to miss out on. I knew it was a time in my life that I should take advantage of and experience it as best as I could (even when I’d rather stay in with take-out and watch a movie) because I knew the older I got – the more things would change. I consider myself a social drinker (I’m too nerdy to be a party girl) so I would only have a drink or two max because that wasn’t my agenda for being out. It was to be around the music, check out the scene, and enjoy being young in one of the greatest cities in the world.

I have fond memories of the first Hollywood club I ever went to, Vanguard on Hollywood Boulevard. Subsequently, I remember the times I visited Ritual that later turned into Halo (that is now called something else), Green Door, and The Highlands among others.  Some nights the music was on point and everyone was having a good time, other nights the music was terrible and I wanted to go home but refused to because I had already paid $20 for parking! 🙂


{During this period, I also went to Vegas a couple of times for a long weekend or to The O.C. on Saturday nights to hang out with friends there occasionally. I came across this Vegas photo taken at TAO.}

Since then, those nights are far and few in between. I’m still young, don’t have any children or huge responsibilities outside myself, and sometimes I do miss these types of girls night out to blow-off some steam; and mostly, because I L.O.V.E. to dance. Of course, I meet-up with friends for a drink or for dinner, but it’s been some time since I’ve hit Hollywood or Cahuenga Boulevard in search of some fun on a Friday night.

There are certain songs that take you back in time the moment you hear them again after it’s been awhile. For me, hearing that song took me back to a particular night where 4 L.A. girls hit 3 clubs in one night trying to find the right place to “Just Dance.”

In honor of those nights, I’ve curated a short playlist of 12 songs that was the soundtrack of several Friday nights. Where does the time go? Enjoy!

{If you dig it, subscribe to this Spotify playlist here: All That Glitters Mixtape Monday: 03.25.2013}


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