One week from today is a milestone birthday for me. I’m officially closing out my twenties. The strange thing is that I’m not as super freaked out as you often hear people going on about (then again, talk to me in 5 more years). Admittedly though, it does sound pretty unbelievable when I say it out loud or think about it closely. I mean, I don’t feel any older; and get me someone on the phone right now that can explain where the HELL the last 10 years went? I do vainly take comfort in the fact that I have a bit of a baby face and therefore look much younger than I actually am. The perks of being African-American (Black don’t crack!) with good genes (you should see my mom!). 🙂

I’m beginning to wonder if the anxiety surrounding big birthdays are as over-hyped as the first time I had a sip of beer then promptly made a nasty face (til this day, I can’t stand the taste). It really is just another day, where at the close of it you unceremoniously (or very ceremoniously), without much effort become a year older and life goes on.

Sure, it’s extremely surreal to me how quickly time passes and it seems the older I get, the faster it goes. I still remember my 16-year-old self camped out in front of my TV every Wednesday night entranced in Dawson’s Creek (don’t judge). I still remember my 17-year-old self elated at finding my first job in a retail store at Knott’s Berry Farm, called “Girl Power” (this, you can judge). And I still remember all those years when all I wanted to do was grow up so I could make my own money, have my own place, and drive a sexy car anywhere I wanted to and didn’t need anyone’s permission. While I am a supporter of enjoying the care-freedom of childhood, these things about adult life are worth the hype and totally ROCK.

What I do find myself doing is reflecting. There’s a huge stigma attached to all milestone birthdays where you also start thinking about what life should be, and where it should take you. Being that I’m naturally very analytical – this is probably the area where I’ll struggle most and will really think about moving forward. What I do tell myself when I have those moments of “OMG, I’m turning 30 next week,” is what I have often heard and found to be true: the older you get, the better you become, the better life gets.

See you on the other side!


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  1. Well hey we have something more to celebrate when we meet next week!! And we’re just getting coffee? How ’bout lunch? 🙂 I can tell you from my own experience that the 30’s were waaaay better. You have a better understanding of who you are. I can’t say the same about my 40’s. lol! Enjoy the 30s because it goes by quick!

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