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Happy May! Sweeter (and cheaper) fruit, BBQs, birthdays, and blockbuster flicks are here! Of course, I’ll maintain my film school cred and squeeze in a good indie here and there, but this time of year brings big budget movies and I’m not ashamed to say that I totally buy into them (well, sometimes). While I’m very much looking forward to Richard Linklater’s return to Jesse and Celine’s romantic journey in Before Midnight; I’m beyond stoked for Iron Man 3 this weekend, Star Trek: Into Darkness a few weeks later, and my personal CANNOT-wait-to-find-my-booty-in-a-theater-seat-cradling-the-largest-tub-of-popcorn-ever: Fast & Furious 6 (yes, you read that right!). Memorial day weekend is going to rule!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The perks of spring conditions and impending summer life bring me to what should be an important reminder to all of us: sunscreen. I thought I would kick-off May’s love fest with a little video I came across discussing 5 myths about sunscreen and SPF protection. Apparently, that expiration date I keep ignoring on my can of Aveeno sunscreen sitting in my cabinet right now is legit. So while I’ll be tossing that out, now having yet another excuse to hit Target (and walk out with 6 other random things I really didn’t need)…

here’s what i’m lovin’ right now

 || 5 Surprising Myths About Sunscreen and SPF. ||

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