Center Stage: The Blazer


If you asked me not too long ago if I was a believer in the power of a structured blazer; I would’ve likely rolled my eyes, thought you were a bit stuffy and moved on. I suppose it’s because when I heard the word “blazer” in my earlier years, the NYC pin-striped power suit with matching pants would come to mind. Not that there is anything wrong with rocking the power suit (and kudos to you if you have the high-powered job to match), but being that I am and will always be a California girl at heart, I’m a huge fan of looks that are equally polished, trendy, and relaxed (it’s the beach in me).

What I have come to learn as I have gotten older (or perhaps “stuffy” myself – who knows!) is the importance of having the right blazer in your collection. Throw on your classic blazer and a simple jeans and t-shirt ensemble instantly take you to dinner at the newest hot spot, or turn a sweet summer dress into a more crisp look if you need a professional touch. Currently, I have one great black blazer from H&M that I’ve gotten my money’s worth from. While it’s still hanging in there, I have been casually eyeing something new to add to my closet. So, I did a little research.

What I love most about the blazer, is how “un-power suit-ed” they’ve become to give that old stuffy perception a fresher feel. These days, you can play with cut, shape, color, pattern, texture and price point – there’s a little something for everyone.

From Right to Left:

Flowered Blazer // Emma Leopard Flower Print Blazer

Peach Blazer // Peach Rayon Boyfriend Blazer

Black and White Striped Blazer // Savannah Striped Boyfriend Blazer

White Blazer// Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer

Navy Blazer // Schoolboy Blazer in Navy

Black and White Print // Isla Monochrome Aztec Print Blazer

Basic Black // Lindsay Ruched Sleeve Blazer

Blue Striped // 19 4T Blazer in Blue Stripe


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