Anatomy of a Do: Braving White

Anatomy of a Do_March 2015_Spring WhiteSpring officially begins next week, but in LA you wouldn’t know it. Ninety degree weather accompanied by the lingering scent of wisteria in the air, find us channeling Spring slightly ahead of schedule. And I couldn’t be more excited!

This season, I’m eager to incorporate more light and airy clothing into my personal style. When I came across this look (at left) while killing some time on Pinterest, I immediately got inspired. I hardly ever wear white. Outside of the fact that it’s an incredibly difficult color to keep clean, it’s also a very hard color to pull off, highlighting every flaw imaginable (unlike my BFF, the color black). Not only am I always concerned about spilling something on myself, I also can’t stand how that once crisp white blouse inevitably starts to look dingy, with those not-so-attractive yellowing armpit stains.

It’s a new season, and with it, time to take more chances…even if it’s just confronting the color white. The model here does everything right, perfectly showcasing everything I’m loving at the moment: dark aviators, layered gold jewelry, strategically ripped boyfriend jeans, and strappy heels. It’s an impeccable blend of polished set against casual, the archetype for California chic in my book. What unarguably brings this ensemble together is the fresh, structured white blazer, an item that could easily be dry cleaned. This should help with my aversion to wearing/caring for a light color. A white blazer just officially made my closet must-have list for Spring.

The takeaway from killing a little time on Pinterest? This Spring, conquer your fears and brave white.

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*Unaltered original image via Pinterest.*


Anatomy of a Do: Wendy’s Color Love

1-Anatomy of a DO_Wendy's Lookbook_Color Love-001

When it comes to fashion bloggers, Wendy Nguyen is in a league of her own. I can’t say I’ve ever seen an awful outfit posted on her wildly popular site, Wendy’s Lookbook, and this fashion forward look from a recent weekend post epitomizes her fresh style. If someone approached me empathetic that an outfit with bright yellow, green, and red as combined solid primary colors worked without seeing this picture first, I’d likely beg to differ. Here, Ms. Nguyen proved me wrong.

Playing against a typically more dark aesthetic found in fall styling, this ensemble cheerfully covers up for the chillier change in temperature, without losing the lingering spirit of summer. I love the bright structured yellow blazer (that one would expect to see in black for this time of year) over the flow-y bright green silk peplum blouse. She completes the look with dark skinny jeans, bright red pumps, the perfect tote to have while out and about, and those oh-so-perfect over-sized angled print sunnies – keeping the look polished, yet weekend casual. My absolute favorite part of her look is the very unassuming but unavoidable statement necklace tucked gently underneath the collar of her button-down. At first glance, I thought this was a brooch.

So what did I learn from Wendy’s weekend casual look?

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix eclectic and varying bright colors for fall – though sticking to solids in each piece is best.
  2. You can pull off a bold statement necklace with a collard blouse, channeling the likes of a “vintage-esque” pin.
  3. We all know I’m a sucker for a good blazer, but I’m inspired to grab one in the most off the wall color I can find.
  4. Red shoes (pumps or flats) are always a good idea with dark jeans.
  5. I haven’t personally jumped on the “peplum” trend, but pairing it with a fitted blazer or jacket is a great way to keep it stylish (and not preggers!).

She nails this look. This is the anatomy of a DO and it’s filled, as she so rightly dubbed in her recent post, with Color Love.

*please click image for unaltered, original photo source and shopping references.

Center Stage: The Blazer


If you asked me not too long ago if I was a believer in the power of a structured blazer; I would’ve likely rolled my eyes, thought you were a bit stuffy and moved on. I suppose it’s because when I heard the word “blazer” in my earlier years, the NYC pin-striped power suit with matching pants would come to mind. Not that there is anything wrong with rocking the power suit (and kudos to you if you have the high-powered job to match), but being that I am and will always be a California girl at heart, I’m a huge fan of looks that are equally polished, trendy, and relaxed (it’s the beach in me).

What I have come to learn as I have gotten older (or perhaps “stuffy” myself – who knows!) is the importance of having the right blazer in your collection. Throw on your classic blazer and a simple jeans and t-shirt ensemble instantly take you to dinner at the newest hot spot, or turn a sweet summer dress into a more crisp look if you need a professional touch. Currently, I have one great black blazer from H&M that I’ve gotten my money’s worth from. While it’s still hanging in there, I have been casually eyeing something new to add to my closet. So, I did a little research.

What I love most about the blazer, is how “un-power suit-ed” they’ve become to give that old stuffy perception a fresher feel. These days, you can play with cut, shape, color, pattern, texture and price point – there’s a little something for everyone.

From Right to Left:

Flowered Blazer // Emma Leopard Flower Print Blazer

Peach Blazer // Peach Rayon Boyfriend Blazer

Black and White Striped Blazer // Savannah Striped Boyfriend Blazer

White Blazer// Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer

Navy Blazer // Schoolboy Blazer in Navy

Black and White Print // Isla Monochrome Aztec Print Blazer

Basic Black // Lindsay Ruched Sleeve Blazer

Blue Striped // 19 4T Blazer in Blue Stripe