This final week of Spring was going along nicely…until yesterday. I overheard a conversation that I took very personally. It was disappointing and I felt insulted, so much so, that it ultimately infuriated me. You know, that type of anger that makes you just want to vent to the nearest person because just getting it out would somehow make you feel better? Since I didn’t have that nearby, I started to type this post in the heat of that emotional state and then decided to stop and come back to it later. Suffice to say that this post would’ve sounded very different if I’d written it 5 hours earlier. There really is something to just feeling what your feeling, taking a few deep breaths, and knowing that this too shall pass. What other people do is more of a reflection on them. And your reaction to them is more of a reflection on you.

Interestingly, I had come across Oprah’s recent commencement speech for the graduating class of 2013 from Harvard and watched the entire thing just after said “infuriating” incident. There is still something so relatable and calming about her that instantly got me to take a step back and put things into perspective. When hearing about her failures and speaking to those who have ever also felt inferior – it made me realize that no matter who you are, there are times that people and life disappoint you. Despite her public struggles with launching her network, she just kept going and is now on the way to victory.

Admittedly, I am still upset as I write this (but as I proof it several more hours later, I’m fine and think that perhaps I might have overreacted since I can’t say I was sure I had all of the details of what I was overhearing – go figure :)). Either way, I realize that this one incident shouldn’t nor will it define my week. I had lots of highlights that I want to think about as I close out Spring with much appreciation so that’s what I’m going to do. Even better? By the end of that day something I’ve waited for my entire career is seemingly taking huge steps to come into fruition. Go figure.

Here are this week’s highlights – happy summer!


{Enjoying great films and lively Q&A’s at The LA Film Festival.}

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{Sugary goodies and checking out my now favorite documentary of the year so far, 20 Feet From Stardom.}

{Oprah’s 2013 Harvard Commencement Speech. A must watch.}