Anatomy of a Do: Braving White

Anatomy of a Do_March 2015_Spring WhiteSpring officially begins next week, but in LA you wouldn’t know it. Ninety degree weather accompanied by the lingering scent of wisteria in the air, find us channeling Spring slightly ahead of schedule. And I couldn’t be more excited!

This season, I’m eager to incorporate more light and airy clothing into my personal style. When I came across this look (at left) while killing some time on Pinterest, I immediately got inspired. I hardly ever wear white. Outside of the fact that it’s an incredibly difficult color to keep clean, it’s also a very hard color to pull off, highlighting every flaw imaginable (unlike my BFF, the color black). Not only am I always concerned about spilling something on myself, I also can’t stand how that once crisp white blouse inevitably starts to look dingy, with those not-so-attractive yellowing armpit stains.

It’s a new season, and with it, time to take more chances…even if it’s just confronting the color white. The model here does everything right, perfectly showcasing everything I’m loving at the moment: dark aviators, layered gold jewelry, strategically ripped boyfriend jeans, and strappy heels. It’s an impeccable blend of polished set against casual, the archetype for California chic in my book. What unarguably brings this ensemble together is the fresh, structured white blazer, an item that could easily be dry cleaned. This should help with my aversion to wearing/caring for a light color. A white blazer just officially made my closet must-have list for Spring.

The takeaway from killing a little time on Pinterest? This Spring, conquer your fears and brave white.

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*Unaltered original image via Pinterest.*




{Click image to enlarge.}

It’s on record that I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to embracing dresses. I fondly recall wearing them as a six-year-old, but as I moved toward adolescence – I stopped wearing them pretty much altogether unless it was for a very rare special occasion. I went through a lengthy period where I just felt more comfortable in jeans (read: covering my legs). In fact, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I actually even started buying dresses again. (If I met me 10 years ago, I wouldn’t even know me!)

However, as I’ve gotten old older, I find myself accepting my femininity much more than I ever have. I’m not at all saying that being in a dress over a pair of jeans epitomizes femininity by any means, because it doesn’t; but because of my resistance to them – I’m attributing this recent development to finally giving in to the fact that I’m becoming more comfortable in my own skin.

I still don’t own as many dresses as a typical woman might at my age, but as I’ve hit a recent new chapter in my life, I’ve felt a sudden shift in my relationship to them. I appreciate the different shapes of a dress, the movement, the ease; and yes, even the new-found comfort that I get in exchange. While part of me will always be a jeans girl at heart, it’s nice to not have the waistband digging into your stomach (because you’ve had one cupcake too many) or experience the constraint that you just deal with while wearing a pair of cute skinnies in the name of fashion! Even better, I’ve come to love how a simple change in styling/accessorizing can take a dress from weekend casual to office chic (by easily adding a blazer). There’s an incredible versatility when you have a good dress in your closet.

And thus, I’ve been coveting a new dress (showing my legs and all) lately. Go figure!

In an ideal world, they’d all be in my closet ready to greet the sun and celebrate the warm days ahead. In reality, a post dedicated to getting “dressed” will simply have to do. Here are 15 of my absolute favorites, at a variety of price points – because let’s be real – who in the world can actually afford a $400 dress most of the time (and I hate when bloggers only showcase high-end designers).

Perhaps a splurge on at least one is in order in the very near future. From Forever 21 to Shopbop….here’s to getting dressed. xx


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What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

Spring header

Spring officially joins us tomorrow and I can’t tell you the joy this time of year brings. Though we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the year, it seems like it’s when spring arrives that I feel like something new is truly happening. With spring comes the dreaded but oh-so-delightfully rewarding spring cleaning; Sunday trips to the farmers’ market to stock up on the freshest produce; and an excuse to live in lite, bright clothing from now until October. Being that I’m your very cliché California girl, the latter is what I’m most excited about.

I’ve been spending the last few days thinking about my goals for this season, and perhaps I’ll delve into those for another post on another day. I can say, a good spring cleaning is in the works, as usual, but I’m aspiring to something even greater. Always one to feel most alive when I’m learning or experiencing anything new – I’ve been itching to take a class. I’ve always wanted to learn Italian, but have shied away from taking the chance. And I do love a good craft-based class to blow off some creative steam. We’ll see where the season takes me.

Here are a few things that are making me smile about this forthcoming development we call spring. Here’s what I’m lovin’ right now…

1-what i'm lovin' right now

Watermelon Breeze Mocktail  | Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Kelly & Katie Ladylike Hard Form Satchel  | DSW

Blanca Dried Flower Arrangement | Etsy

7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet | The Everygirl

Classic Pave Link Bracelet | J. Crew

 Black Polka Dot Journal | Sugar Paper, Los Angeles

Essie’s “Watermelon” Nail Polish | Target

Darling Daisy Dress w/ Belt | Forever 21

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This final week of Spring was going along nicely…until yesterday. I overheard a conversation that I took very personally. It was disappointing and I felt insulted, so much so, that it ultimately infuriated me. You know, that type of anger that makes you just want to vent to the nearest person because just getting it out would somehow make you feel better? Since I didn’t have that nearby, I started to type this post in the heat of that emotional state and then decided to stop and come back to it later. Suffice to say that this post would’ve sounded very different if I’d written it 5 hours earlier. There really is something to just feeling what your feeling, taking a few deep breaths, and knowing that this too shall pass. What other people do is more of a reflection on them. And your reaction to them is more of a reflection on you.

Interestingly, I had come across Oprah’s recent commencement speech for the graduating class of 2013 from Harvard and watched the entire thing just after said “infuriating” incident. There is still something so relatable and calming about her that instantly got me to take a step back and put things into perspective. When hearing about her failures and speaking to those who have ever also felt inferior – it made me realize that no matter who you are, there are times that people and life disappoint you. Despite her public struggles with launching her network, she just kept going and is now on the way to victory.

Admittedly, I am still upset as I write this (but as I proof it several more hours later, I’m fine and think that perhaps I might have overreacted since I can’t say I was sure I had all of the details of what I was overhearing – go figure :)). Either way, I realize that this one incident shouldn’t nor will it define my week. I had lots of highlights that I want to think about as I close out Spring with much appreciation so that’s what I’m going to do. Even better? By the end of that day something I’ve waited for my entire career is seemingly taking huge steps to come into fruition. Go figure.

Here are this week’s highlights – happy summer!


{Enjoying great films and lively Q&A’s at The LA Film Festival.}

1-2013-06-19 19.12.49

{Sugary goodies and checking out my now favorite documentary of the year so far, 20 Feet From Stardom.}

{Oprah’s 2013 Harvard Commencement Speech. A must watch.}


Happy Good Friday and a good Friday it will be.

After a rather hectic week of “fighting the man” in various areas of my life, I’m so looking forward to the next three days off to recharge. I’m the kind of person that will fight when things need to get done and I won’t let it go until it is (I don’t care if it’s over a dollar – it’s the principle!). While I always try to retain a level of diplomacy and politeness – I have no problem calling, emailing, stalking, and generally speaking my mind when something needs to be addressed. One of my pet peeves in life is when another’s personality is quite opposite to this and they’re not being responsive. I like people who get *crap* done! (I really wanted to use the other word, but want to keep things PG here). 🙂

As cliché as this statement has become, I’m a spiritual rather than religious person. Easter as a young child usually involved a huge Easter basket and a special homemade dinner where preparations started earlier in the day. I also recall watching parts of  “The Ten Commandments” on afternoon TV – not fully understanding what the heck I was watching because it was so long and they “spoke funny.”

Sadly, as an adult, I don’t have a ritual for this weekend, but totally respect those who do. It’s always nice to take time out to celebrate and reflect on what you believe in. If I had a choice, perhaps I would tackle watching “The Ten Commandments” again (with the subtitles on for clarity) after a leisurely Easter Brunch at Cafe Midi.

Have a great weekend and whatever your beliefs, I think this is a good time, as ever, to reflect on them.

My week’s highlights as we bid goodbye to March…

TREAT| gelato


{Indulging in a few bites of my guy’s gelato. You get the treat without the guilt!}

EAT| cafe midi


{Finally, I had brunch at Cafe Midi – it’s my favorite new place.}

SPRING| flowers


{My first floral purchase for Spring  // The Spring Project is now underway.}

SHOP| farmer’s market


{I’ve been on a serious farmer’s market kick lately. I enjoy starting out my Sunday mornings visiting a local farmer’s market and stocking up on fresh produce for the week.}

(This week: Studio City.}

EAT| lunch


{I was so proud of my homemade lunch concoctions this week (lots of salads), thanks to my farmer’s market visit.}

SHOES| sandals


{So my Audrey Brooke Wedges were too narrow for my feet (the risks of online shopping).  I went in-store to exchange them for these adorable Unisa Lenni Glitter Sandals.}

DVD| zero dark thirty


{A sweet gift for my DVD collection from the BF and one of my favorite movies of 2012.}

|| What I’m Lovin’ Right Now ||

Longer days and warmer weather are just around the corner! I can’t believe February has come and (almost) gone so quickly. Sadly, awards season is over. The Superbowl has come and gone. And Valentine’s Day now a memory. Despite all the events that the end of one calendar year so excitingly flows into the beginning of another, I’m excited for the changing of times. Spring brings sunlight until 8:00pm, blooming flowers, and fruit that subtly becomes all the sweeter as we make our way toward summer. Flip flops, dresses without leggings, iced lattes, and the need to be at the beach or outside as much as possible become the standard in my life. I can’t think of anything more exciting to look forward to.

here’s what i’m lovin’ right now

{Officially obsessed with Wendy’s Lookbook // my newest fashion blog addiction. She nails it every. single. time.}


{The best laugh I’ve had all week = a funny satire of our growing hipster culture.}

{High standards.}


{Jonathan Adler Universal Smartphone Dock.}


{Like. Seriously.}


{Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Rhinestone Thong Sandals…in either color.}


{Where I want to be right now.}


{Strawberry & chocolate nachos // recipe here.} 0afc9f89c157bbdd60941a8934219043