5 Reasons This Week Will Rock

It’s Monday – boo! But it’s another beautiful day and there’s much to be grateful for – yay!

I read once that the best way to beat the Monday blues as you transition back into a “work week frame of mind,” is to make plans and/or think about all the fun things that you’re looking forward to during the week that keep you excited about something. Essentially, just focusing on the good – be it a large event or a small mundane pleasure – instantly puts you in the right space. So I thought this would be a fun new series of posts to experiment with occasionally (similar to my Mixtape Mondays that I do every so often) to see if the mantra of always having something to consciously look forward and be excited about gets you in a celebratory mood…for a Monday.

5 reasons this week will rock…

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  1. Hello!!!! The new season of Scandal returns in t-minus 3 days! (Damn you Netflix for causing this new addiction I really don’t need).
  2. Three new movies are on the theater palette this week – Mother of George (on Monday), Inequality for All (on Thursday), and Gravity (on Friday).
  3. V.I.P. parking at work. Not only does it start this week – this indulgence lasts the WHOLE month of October (and yes, this is a HUGE deal for me).
  4. Buy one, get one free at Yogurtland is happening at some point in the very near future – thanks to the random coupon I got in the mail.
  5. A trip to the Huntington Library to spend an afternoon among the most gorgeous of gardens with my favorite person.

I hope this week gives you much to look forward to in your own world as well.

Have a great week guys 🙂


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