A Day in the Garden

1-2013-10-05 14.14.19

Where: The Huntington Library

Location: 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino

The sky was cloudless, piercing blue, and perfect. The sun shining ever so brightly and ever so presently at (a not-so-temperate) circa 93 degrees. It was the definition of a beautiful day. One of the most relaxing afternoons I’ve had all month was when I found myself taking advantage of what I thought was the final stretch of an extended LA summer (but really wasn’t) and headed out to San Marino to experience one of the most breathtaking estates in town, The Huntington Library.

While world renowned for its fine European and American permanent art collections, changing exhibitions; as well as its rare books collection establishing an equally renowned research library – I have quite the soft spot for their stunning botanical gardens!

Curated in such a way that literally takes you through geographic recreations of gardens around the world, spanning 120 acres among the massive 207 acre property, I spent a Saturday afternoon strolling a colorful Rose Garden into a lush green Japanese Garden, complete with the popular moon bridge (pictured above); through stalks of large bamboo, completely encapsulating you as you walk along the concrete path somehow finding yourself in an open Australian garden. Not too far further, lily ponds appear, leading you up to the Subtropical terrain and into the humid Jungle Garden.

My favorite memory from this day was simply taking a moment to sit on an unassuming bench, thick stalks of bamboo all around – sitting in silence, listening to the low chirp of the birds while watching the squirrels frolic in the trees. The world seemed so far away and in that span of time, I was completely present to my surroundings.

The museum closes pretty early (4:30pm) and we arrived a little later than planned. Rather than to rush through the galleries to appreciate the fine art collections and their special exhibition, we arrived in just enough time to leisurely indulge in perfect nature. What a day…in the garden.


{Rose Garden.}


{Japanese Garden.}


{Chinese Garden.}


{Rose Garden. // A photo op in the shade.}


5 Reasons This Week Will Rock

It’s Monday – boo! But it’s another beautiful day and there’s much to be grateful for – yay!

I read once that the best way to beat the Monday blues as you transition back into a “work week frame of mind,” is to make plans and/or think about all the fun things that you’re looking forward to during the week that keep you excited about something. Essentially, just focusing on the good – be it a large event or a small mundane pleasure – instantly puts you in the right space. So I thought this would be a fun new series of posts to experiment with occasionally (similar to my Mixtape Mondays that I do every so often) to see if the mantra of always having something to consciously look forward and be excited about gets you in a celebratory mood…for a Monday.

5 reasons this week will rock…

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  1. Hello!!!! The new season of Scandal returns in t-minus 3 days! (Damn you Netflix for causing this new addiction I really don’t need).
  2. Three new movies are on the theater palette this week – Mother of George (on Monday), Inequality for All (on Thursday), and Gravity (on Friday).
  3. V.I.P. parking at work. Not only does it start this week – this indulgence lasts the WHOLE month of October (and yes, this is a HUGE deal for me).
  4. Buy one, get one free at Yogurtland is happening at some point in the very near future – thanks to the random coupon I got in the mail.
  5. A trip to the Huntington Library to spend an afternoon among the most gorgeous of gardens with my favorite person.

I hope this week gives you much to look forward to in your own world as well.

Have a great week guys 🙂