When it rains, it pours. To say that this week was a bit overwhelming is an understatement. Though I’m trying to keep positive (it is the holidays after all) December is off to a rough start.  Where do I begin? I’d like to rant for a bit if you don’t mind…

  1. For the last 3 months, I’ve been trying to find out why my allergies have been bothering me as soon as I hit my head to the pillow every night. Every. Single. Night. Without. Fail. It got the point that I was on medication for a while to help with the discomfort and started desperately digging for causes. I already avoid “down”-anything like the plague because me and feathers just don’t mix. I washed my sheets, cleaned everything I could think of, minus my comforter because I had it dry cleaned recently. And note to self: don’t read about dust mites on your phone at 4:00am when you can’t sleep and start researching bed allergens to pass the time. I suppose the good news is that I’ve located the source after months of torture this week and realized it was that damn comforter all along! It was the first time I’d taken it to the cleaners since buying it and apparently whatever chemicals they used to dry clean it didn’t make my sinuses happy… At. All.
  2. On top of my allergies, I’ve been dealing with the “joys of being a woman.” I won’t go into detail about what specifically, and it’s certainly not life threatening and very much a common “joy” that comes with being a woman, but suffice to say – in my next life I want to be a man! Thank god I have great health insurance and a Cedars Siani doctor I can email at any time.
  3. I walked out to my car yesterday morning and there was a lovely note on it from my parking space neighbor. It wasn’t a simple “hello!” or “I love your car!” No, it was what I had dreaded. As soon as I saw the paper tucked into my windshield wiper, my stomach dropped. I was hoping it was an annoying flyer for psychic healing services or something. But no. No one else in the parking lot had a “flyer.” It was, in fact, a note letting me know that my parking space neighbor hit my car while parking hers the night before. The reason I’m not furious is because I’m beyond grateful that the damage was mild and that she actually left me a note with authentic contact information (and actually answered the phone and took total responsibility!). I’ve been burned by this before. Not too long ago,  I come out one day and my then still pretty brand new-ish car had a nice sexy dent in it without a note so that I could get it fixed. (Asshole). My insurance company couldn’t help either based on my deductible. The damage would be less than it so I’d have to cover the repairs entirely. So despite battling #1 and #2 above, I’m just more annoyed by the inconvenience – the taking the time to get an estimate and now finding the time to get it fixed during an already crazy busy month.

I suppose that with anything, perspective is key. With every scenario that made this week a complete and total pain, there was and is a silver-lining. I have my health (at least the whole I’m still breathing/alive aspect to it), I have health insurance, and there are still good people in the world who own up to their responsibilities when they make a mistake. Not only did she immediately offer to pay for the damages to my car, she emailed me a list of highly rated auto body shops in our area within just a few hours of speaking to be helpful.

Boy, am I glad it’s the weekend…


5 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. I’ve been stuffy for the last two months and can’t figure out why. I’ve been using a spray nasal decongestant and I know you’re not supposed to be using it this long but I can’t breathe. I even use an allergy nasal spray. Not sure what’s up but I don’t want to end up on Dr. Drew’s celebrity rehab addicted to that stuff. lol! Sorry about your car. I’m glad she left a note but that’s still a pain. 😦

    • I used Flonase for about 2 weeks and noticed an improvement with my allergies overall. Though since I was still inhaling those dry cleaning chemicals I was still experiencing the congestion once I stopped using it. Yeah, stay away from nasal decongestants – they actually start to make your nose more congested. A trick I learned to naturally open the sinuses is to boil a pot of water on the stove, turn it off, and carefully lean over pot and the inhale the steam for a few moments. Does wonders! And trust me, I don’t drive a high-end car or anything and it’s now 3 years old – the thing that more bugs me is that my OCD nature is to take care of anything that’s mine because I worked hard for it and appreciate it. I just stinks when you realize you can’t control everything and life happens. I’ll get it taken care of. 🙂

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