{enjoying a quiet moment, new booties, and an apple juice outside.}

With two rather big accomplishments crossed-off my list this week, I can’t help but look forward to some of the long-term stress associated with them finally subsiding as we head into the weekend. One of those accomplishments in particular, took nearly 6 months to get to the finish line. It’s such a gratifying feeling when you can look back on something and know that you not only got through a challenge, but learned from it, and are happy with your contributions to the final product.

Unfortunately, I’m still a bit under the weather battling some lingering stomach troubles – nothing painful, just more of an annoyance. I’m grateful that I have a very responsive doctor, and that things are improving (though not as fast as I’d like to see it, of course) but it’s also caused me to spend much of this week evaluating stresses in my life (linked to stomach acidity) and being even more mindful of my diet. Though I’m a pretty healthy eater, there’s always (always) room for improvement. As such, I’ve been researching and becoming more familiar with acidic vs. alkaline foods and beverages. This is not something that I’ve ever really put much thought into, but this experience has prompted me to become educated about balance in the body.

(Between you and me, I think the hardest thing about this has been giving up my addiction eternal love for a good iced vanilla latte or a cup of green tea until further notice.)

I can’t think of a more appropriate time to start anew and that’s what this weekend will be all about. I know lots of rest is required whenever you’re not feeling quite like yourself physically, so I do want to make it a point to relax as much as I can. A new book and a stack of magazines, over breakfast in bed on Saturday morning, sound absolutely divine.

If you’re in town and looking for a free way to kill some time this weekend, I just read about the new Diane von Furstenberg “Journey of a Dress” exhibition at the May Company Building, located next door to the LACMA. It celebrates 40 years of the fashionably iconic DVF wrap-dress. I can’t wait to see it myself and report back.

Have a great weekend. xx


{roses from my valentine. }


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