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I’ve been sick most of the week, spending lots of time resting at home. I had a fancy idea for a blog post today, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’ve literally been in bed with my Kindle and the appropriate food items for almost 2 days.

I did drag my corpse out of bed (okay, it wasn’t that dramatic, I don’t have the flu or anything, but it just sounds more fun put that way) and went into the office yesterday for a few hours – because, OF COURSE, I’d get sick right in the middle of an important project.

Full disclosure here: I’m a HUGE believer in staying home and resting when one is sick because don’t you just HATE when people come into work sick hacking everywhere? You spend most of the day freaking out, washing your hands like crazy, avoiding interaction as much as possible, and downing Emergen-C like it’s water praying you don’t catch whatever they’ve got. There’s nothing worse. However, since I wasn’t hacking everywhere, felt much better than I did on Monday, and could work quietly on what I needed to do away from everyone for a few hours, I broke my rule.

Hopefully, I’ll be at 90% by the time you read this, back into the swing of things. I’ve had plenty of time to think over the last few days, about life, the people in it, my growing to-do list, and how much I’ve enjoyed being somewhat lazy (which is not easy for me to do).

I’m not at all prepared to get into anything deep today. In fact, I want to give a shout out to the superficial little things that got me through my short, unexpected, bed-ridden, staycation:

1. My Kindle. I never get an entire day to myself to just sit and read from the time I wake up, until I go to bed in between nose blows. (I finished a 600 page book! Not bad.)

2. The large bag of M&M’s I bought for my boyfriend, but accidentally managed to eat most of said bag by myself. (I’m not proud of this – well…)

3. God bless the Target that’s 0.5 miles from my house for that one time I did need to brave the outdoors for medical supplies (okay, again not that dramatic, I went and got some cough drops for my sore throat…and that bag of aforementioned M&Ms).

4. The comfy-iest bed ever.

5.  I ordered take out for myself last night and happily devoured it over old episodes of Ally McBeal on Netflix (because hey – I was waaay to weak to cook or microwave anything). 🙂

 Stay healthy, guys! I think something is going around…




9 thoughts on “Out Sick

  1. I hope you start to feeling better and getting back to your old self again. By the way, eating an almost full bag of M&M’s isn’t considered a bad thing when you’re in bed and sick 😀

  2. Oh gosh I wish I had your kind of sick! I’ve been bed ridden for the past two days to some kind of stomach bug – haven’t eaten all day and I made the mistake of eating toast last night! Not eating is so not fun 😥
    Hope your cold is all gone now and you’re getting back into the routine of life. It’s funny, whenever I’m not sick, I think sick days look like the most fun thing ever – think of all the stuff I can get done! All the blog posts! Reality = too tired to do anything, too sick to eat anything, just in bed ALL the time and when feeling a litttttle bit better, coming downstairs to watch some TV. It is so boring and I want to go back to work in time for the weekend.

    Naomi xo

    • Hi Naomi! I don’t want to rub it in, but I’ll take the common cold over anything stomach-related any day! It’s the absolute worst. Particularly when you’re afraid to eat. You captured it so perfectly, being home sick isn’t quite as fun as you might imagine it to be – no energy to do much of anything! Blogosphere wishes that you start feeling better, too! Take it easy! If it makes you feel any better I actually took a slight turn for the worse and will be home sick today again.

  3. Oh…so sorry you have been so sick! I hope you are on the mend.Just some nurse/motherly advice…both viruses and bacterlia love sugar as much as we do. Best to stay clear of dairy and sugar when you are sick. Sorry, but I just can’t help but give “medical” advice. Take care Candice and see you soon! 😉

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