Day31ATG{Day 31: Among the living again.}

After being couped-up at home alone sick for nearly 3 days this week, yesterday found me happy to be outdoors and among the living again. I don’t get sick too often (though 2014 has been especially harsh to me in this area), but it’s always an interesting experience. Why, you ask? Well, I very rarely ever sit for an entire day doing absolutely nothing but “resting.” It’s just not in my DNA to get too lazy for very long. I mean, there was even a point when I was home sick hacking everywhere, that I contemplated cleaning the bathroom at the very least since I wasn’t doing anything productive. It’s just always been hard for me to relax. I’m not the type to EVER let my apartment get messy, or leave things undone, which means I’m always finding a reason to be doing something.

Since I’m very aware of my OCD/perfectionism patterns – I am trying to work harder at learning to let certain things go and deal with them another time. The things I’ll never let go of, however, is leaving dishes in the sink or not making my bed. I’m sorry, I just can’t. I despise coming home to an unmade bed and dishes in the sink. If it’s just a plate or two, then I might let it go…for a few hours before I HAVE to wash those 2 plates. Yeah, yeah, I’ve just accepted this about myself.

I’m proud of myself though, I really did take it easy most of the week – well, minus that brief stint to the office on Tuesday…and making my bed everyday (if I wasn’t lying in it)….and washing dishes.

And so, since a majority of the week was spent at home reading, napping, blowing my nose, drinking tea, watching TV here and there, and eating – it’s been a rather uneventful week. Of course, no one enjoys being sick, but it was nice to have an excuse to sit and do nothing.

I have a lot of life to catch up on. I get to start by taking a trip to the DMV today to renew my drivers license. Hooray…NOT! (Pray for me ya’ll, I did make an 8:00am appointment to make things as painless as possible.)

I’m one month into the 100 Happy Days Challenge! Even when you’re sick, taking a pause from life, then getting back into the swing of things – there’s always something to be happy about so I’m glad I was able to keep pushing with the challenge while under the weather. Some of my favorite moments that brought a smile to my face during an otherwise uneventful April week.

Have a nice weekend.


{Day 29: When that thing you ordered arrives 5 AGONIZING days later. Online shopping, fun. Shipping, boo!}


{Day 26: The beauty of being home most of the week was being able to enjoy the flowers my BF gave me just before I got sick.}


{Day 28: My tea bag was being especially wise that day.}


{Day 30: Essentials for the common cold. And yes, candles do help.}

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