What I Know for Sure ATG FINAL{A new read for a new season.}

What I know for sure? T.G.I.F! I’m happy the weekend is upon us again. And while this sentiment is rather surface compared to what Oprah might say, it’s about as fitting as I can get at the moment. I waited almost a month and a half to grab a hard copy from the wait list at the library, and I can already tell after reading just a few pages so far, it’s going to be something quite special to take in and reflect on. I’m actually considering just buying a copy of my own so that I can add it to my non-growing bookshelf because I made the switch to a Kindle and never looked back (though admittedly, it took awhile to give into digital reading).

I’ve always known when it comes to books, there are just certain reads that work well the good old-fashioned way: with pages that you can turn, and words you can highlight in bright yellow as you make your way through them. It’s no secret that I read a lot, but what you might not know is that I don’t usually buy books in general, unless it’s something I’d like to reference again – it just saves money and space. Thus, I get my fix from being an eternal lover of the local library and use it frequently, but mostly for downloadable titles now.

Side note: I’ve also heard that the “What I Know For Sure” audio book is quite moving because Oprah (and that thoughtful voice of hers) personally reads it.

As I think about this week, I do recall stopping a few times and asking myself “What do you know for sure?” I hope to have a much more eloquent answer as I think more about this (with perhaps a post in the future dedicated to exploring this topic), but one thing that comes to mind as I write this is remembering to always be grateful if you wake up every morning with your health alive and well. It seems medical scares and stories are rampant lately about those who are struggling with what I’m sure most of us take for granted, or don’t take the time to really be mindful of…and that’s good health. So I’ll answer this question, in part, now:

What I know for sure is that if you can get out of the bed with your health in tact, that my friend,  is truly priceless. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other.

Life lately has been good, a little hectic, but overall well. It feels like fall, though almost a month behind the calendar, is slowly starting to join us here in LA. Mornings have been foggy at times, my car windows might need de-frosting before I hit the road, a sweater is almost always necessary, and I successfully dusted off my leather jacket and black boots earlier this week to celebrate the transition. Funny enough, I was talking to my boyfriend about how it just didn’t feel like the Halloween season last weekend. Yes, I have my festive pumpkin lights up, and have indulged in at least 3 pumpkin spice lattes already, but it’s strange (even for LA) to be doing so while wearing sandals, with your A/C on in 95° weather.

Thank goodness this weekend will find it temperate! The plan here is to meet a few co-workers for happy hour tonight, catch what many are calling a sure Best Actor nomination for Michael Keaton in Birdman with my boyfriend and a group of friends on Saturday night, and perhaps a jaunt to the farmers’ market on Sunday to stock-up on produce, and of course, to spend some more time with my girl Oprah.

Have a great weekend ahead!

A few other highlights since we last did a life catch-up…

Pumpkins ATG FINAL

{My boyfriend’s sweet response when I complained about it not feeling “Halloween-y” enough. He brought me 5 mini pumpkins Add a $3 Glade pumpkin-scented candle and things are feeling more appropriate at home while we wait for fall to finally get here.}


{A Saturday afternoon at home pedi.}

Milk Hazelnut Ice Cream ATG FINAL

{After years of seeing the line hang out the door, I finally grabbed some of Milk’s famous all-natural homemade ice cream. Yum!}

plan check ATG FINAL

{A Tuesday date night over drinks.}

Urban Sunset ATG FINAL

{Admiring an urban sunset.}

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7 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. I hardly go to the library anymore, but I rarely buy books either. I’m always searching on the free ebooks, it’s a nice escape for me. I have found quite a few books that which I didn’t like too much, but the rest were pretty good!

    You know something interesting? My nana and I have been doing these different pumpkin projects and I still don’t feel any Halloween-y stuff like I normally do. Here in the Midwest, you see a lot of houses and porches decorated with different Halloween decorations but I hardly ever see anything anymore. Kids are growing up and their parents don’t see the joy into putting things up like they do for Christmas. It’s kind of sad really, because I love seeing the orange lights and cotton-webs on trees. Next year for Halloween, I’m just going to really decorate my room so I can get rid of this depressing feeling. 😛

    Hope you have a good weekend sweetie! 😀

    • Hi Meghan! I couldn’t agree with you more on the free books! I’m sure you’are probably awareof this, but the library’s Overdrive program has been instrumental in keeping up on my love of reading without spending so much money.They offer downloadable books in the same way you’d check out hard copies at the library and you can do it all online without having to go in 🙂

      The sad thing is that though I’m native to LA, I always thought that it was because we didn’t get seasons that drives much of that non-Halloween-y feeling. It’s just been SO warm here. If you’re in the Midwest and you’re experiencing it too, perhaps it’s more about people’s lack of being festive anymore too. I suppose getting older and not having kids around (along with the cost) is why we’re seeing this. But its not too late to decorate your room! I decorated my place and it’s done wonders!

      I hope the weekend is treating you well so far! Happy Sunday!

      • I’ve tried that downloadable thingy from the library, my mom and I tried it twice and sadly I can’t read off a book for two weeks, I mean it’s possible, but I don’t like rushing to get a book done, you know?

        I get my Halloween-y feelings whenever I do the pumpkins DIY decorations and whenever I watch any of the Halloween related movies like Halloweentown, Twitches (taped that and missed it so much!), and Nightmare Before Christmas etc. I’ve already told my mom that I wanted a package of Dum Dum suckers, but I think I’ll have to wait til all of the candy’s on sale the day after. Thank God that day is my birthday! Lol

      • That’s interesting. The libraries here give you 3 weeks! The same as if you were checking out A hard copy! I can understand not wanting to rush and spend time with a story. Then again (and this totally depends on the book, of course) if I haven’t finished within 2-3 weeks it probably isn’t grabbing my attention enough to finish and it’s time to move on! 🙂 ha!

        And p.s. having your favorite candy does wonders to make you feel more Halloween-y! Oh, sounds like someone has a b-day coming!!

      • I think our books are always due back after two weeks, because I remember waiting a week after for my book to go back to the library. I think some candies like Stardust, sour gummy worms, etc anything fruit like flavors have this inner representation of Halloween to me. 🙂

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