|| What I’m Lovin’ Right Now ||


I cannot tell you how excited I am for the 4th of July weekend. I think of it as the epitome of summer: being around good food and good company, with a vibe of casual laziness in the air that’s completely acceptable. Personally, that’s how I intend to enjoy the festivities.

It’s going to be low-key on my end with a pretty consistent relaxation theme happening over the next 4 days. There will be lots of time on the beach with a good book in hand and I’m very much looking forward to a cocktail, followed by plenty of time on the couch sifting through my Netflix queue. There’s also been a jewelry project that I’ve been wanting to make that’s been sitting on my desk for 2 weeks now that I am resolving to finally finish.

I expect it to be very busy around town all weekend – people out and about enjoying the sunshine, fireworks, and all the holiday sales, so once the necessary celebrations are over and I’ve gotten my vitamin-D fix, I plan to hibernate a bit. To further enhance my lazy/relaxation themed plans, I’m taking some time off from blogging, so this will be my last post for the week.

Wherever you find yourself and whatever find yourself doing this holiday weekend – play safe and play happy.

Everything I’m lovin’ right now involves all things 4th of July. This week’s list was curated with a nod toward all things nostalgic to summer holidays. I’ll see you next week! xx

here’s what i’m lovin’ right now

|| Homemade Honey Peach Frozen Yogurt / Recipe Here.||

Honey Peach Frozen Yogurt

 ||BCBGeneration Bright Red Multicolor Print Open-Back Romper.|| 3fe74418369542b584a54a3f1d7466e2

 ||Cost Plus’ Retro Popcorn Maker.||


||Helen Kaminki’s Provence 12 Raffia Straw Hat. Expensive, but fab!||


eee1f9a7e0c981a2097fd0f7153c597a||Oprah.com’s 11 Ways to Have Your Best Summer Yet. ||

||Grilled Lemon Chicken, Berries, and Feta Salad with Homemade Poppy Seed Dressing //

Full recipe here. ||


||Straw Studios Straw Woven Tote.|| 1-_7530532

|| This stunning villa in Oia, Santorini just made my bucket list.||


Up-3 ||Paradise Inspired Cocktails (with an umbrella, of course).||

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Homemade Pinkberry…Sort Of

I am a fan of frozen yogurt (and that’s an understatement). There was a period in time when I would go to Pinkberry most nights of the week telling myself I deserved it and after all, it’s only yogurt, right? Of course, we must always exercise moderation in our eating habits… and for the sake of our wallets. Then I got to thinking recently…

An average, medium-sized, frozen yogurt runs around $5.00 – give or take on your preferences and where you choose to get your brain freeze. I decided to take matters into my own hands and experiment in a less costly way to get my fro-yo fix. This is by no means a Martha Stewart-esque approach (I didn’t make the yogurt from scratch or anything) and it’s not at all rocket science to throw some toppings together, but if it inspires you to try creating your own versions of an indulgence at home, no matter how simple it may be, then I’ve done good.

D.I.Y. // Homemade Pinkberry…Sort Of 


Ingredients: I couldn’t find the Pinkberry-ish Tart flavor that I was looking for at Whole Foods, so just went with this vanilla flavor from Stonyfield for my experiment. Add in some strawberries, chocolate chips, granola, or whatever your favorite toppings are. Voilà!