{Shhh! But don’t tell anyone.}

Happy Friday, All! Is it just me or was this like the looongest week everrrr? And yet, I can’t believe it’s MARCH already. On top of that, it seems like everyone is getting sick, and the total germaphobe in me finds me being completely comfortable taking a more anti-social approach to life for the time being. I’m avoiding sick people like the plague, I’ve had enough health drama this year!

This is where I share a bit of superficial, yet great news… my life is filled with lattes once again (though decaf and not daily…I’m easing my way back in). Thank GOD, the lingering annoyance with my stomach has been improving. I know I need to continue to take it easy to give my body a chance to fully heal – but man, did that first iced latte put a pep in my step. It’s the small things.

I’m going to keep it short today. I’m looking forward to a weekend filled with bacon for breakfast, 80 degree weather (be jealous), a good book, and a splurge on something I want (not something I need). What that is, I don’t quite know yet. All I know is I feel like celebrating. Things are looking up!

Don’t forget to spring forward on Saturday night before bedtime. Sunshine filled days and 7:30pm sunsets are just around the corner again.

Have a good weekend…


{My first latte in what felt like forever. And yes, I reveled in it.}


{Taking a moment to watch a rare rainy day.}


{…then an amazing sunset the next.}


Highlights: Last Week

What a crazy week as I look back on it.The weather was indeed fickle last week: warm one day, then foggy and rainy the next, then cold and sunny. In the midst of the strange weather patterns, the election, the AFI film festival, and prepping for my boyfriend’s birthday, I always took a moment to enjoy the small things. Here are highlights from last week:

{A very unusual looking L.A. skyline for us. With the weather came my first few cups of earl grey tea.}

{As I mentioned: rainy one day, sunny the next. A beautiful view of Manhattan Beach while out on a surprise birthday errand for my boyfriend.}

{Wrapping presents!}

{Opening one of the presents early to enjoy a chocolate fudge cupcake from Cupcakes Couture. 🙂 }

{The final remnant of my “I Voted” sticker before tossing it. What a great voting and election experience it was for me personally.}