Mr. de la Renta


The moment I saw the headline of Oscar de la Renta’s passing on my MSN homepage when I turned on my laptop Monday night, I sighed at the sad news…and then gave a slight smile. Though it’s always tough to hear of anyone’s passing, I would argue that 82 years, over 50 of them as one of the world’s most respected and legendary designers ever to grace the runway, is a good life; particularly, when you take into account that many people don’t make it that far in age…or in success. What’s been quite moving this week has been catching the tributes here and there as they came in. I was especially fond of reading Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker’s words as they reflected on an old friend.

I found myself looking back at all things Oscar de la Renta throughout the week…and that smile appeared again, this time much bigger without an ounce of sadness as I sifted through hundreds of pictures and years of fashion. What a fun contribution, body of work, and legacy to leave behind.

I wouldn’t personally describe myself as the biggest fashionista of them all, because I’m not, but I certainly love a beautiful dress when I see one. They say “never say never,” but I’ll likely never have an original Oscar de la Renta hanging in my closet – and yet, it’s still dreamy (and quite fun!) to admire the poetry and pure art if you’re one of the lucky ones who have.

It comes down to how I imagine it must feel for any gal wearing Oscar de la Renta: like a modern-day princess, in the middle of a real life fairy-tale.

Let’s spend some time in fairy-tale land, shall we? A look at some of my favorites from Mr. de la Renta to close out the week…

download (1)





Oscar de la renta ATG FINAL 3left / right





Oscar De La Renta ATG FINAL 2left right




Oscar De la Renta ATG FINALleft / right






Thank you, Mr. de la Renta. You sure helped make it fun to be a woman.

Have a wonderful weekend! x

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Fashion Hits & Misses: The Emmys 2013

I didn’t catch the Emmy broadcast or any of the live red carpet coverage this year; but boy, was I looking forward to checking out the fashion recaps online the next morning with my first soy pumpkin spice latte of the season!

Until I started sifting through the pictures and found that I was completely underwhelmed overall – by both what I was seeing and my now lukewarm latte at that point.

As I scrolled through all the high res images, nothing stood out to me as absolute “best dressed,” but it was hard to not feel this way when it came to “worst dressed.” There was plenty of “oh, she looks nice” but even more “OMG, I don’t quite know what she was thinking!” – followed by a not so nice, “fire your stylist!” Or perhaps that’s the issue and should be the opposite “for the love of god, hire a stylist!”

As I always say, it’s never easy dressing for award shows, knowing the entire world is scrutinizing every thread of fabric, every flicker of sparkle in a gem, and brush stroke of makeup across the face. I can only image the pressure (and lack of eating that happens up until 2 weeks prior). That’s why when I build these lists, I always note this caveat in my posts so as not seem completely mean-spirited. And while this likely negates that sentiment, the girls of “Girls” need some serious styling advice. HBO’s publicity department must be reeling right now.

Then there are those ladies that got it right and deserved every ounce of the spotlight.

Here are my top 5 fashion hits and misses.



Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein.
Melissa Rauch in unknown. (I couldn’t readily find who designed this dress, though I’d love to know. It’s stunning!)
Anna Gunn in Romona Keveza.
Padma Lakshmi in KaufmanFranco.
Tina Fey in Narciso Rodriguez.



Julianne Hough in Jenny Packham.
Paula Abdul in Unknown (and it should stay that way.)
Amanda Peet in Erdem.
Zosia Mamet in Honor.
Lena Dunham in Prada.

2013 Grammy Awards: Fashion Hits and Misses

Okay team, admittedly I totally dissed the Grammy’s broadcast this year by not watching any of the red carpet or the actual awards presentation. AND I have good reason! I spent most of the weekend sucked into the vapor of early British 1900’s life by indulging in the delicious mischievousness, and as a gal pal so rightly put it “20th century passive aggressive awesomeness!” with those crazy characters residing at Downton Abbey. After incessantly hearing about this show, I grabbed the first season and got to work on seeing what all the buzz about. Within 10 minutes, I knew I would dig it…and where I would be for most of the weekend.

Alas, the beauty of life these days is that you can catch all the re-caps the next day online minus all the commercials and boring speeches. So in salute to all things fashion, here are my top 5 hits and misses from the biggest night in music.


LOVE everything about her look, super classy, a little showy and what a stunning color on her.
Such a unique dress and she pulls the look together with a braided headband and dramatic cat eyes. Very 21st century Cleopatra.
This was a VERY daring choice and if you look closely, might be borderline too much, but she pulls it off and takes center stage because of it. Move over, Bey!
Admittedly, I didn’t put two and two together when I first saw this picture (who is this?), but everything about her look is one of my absolute favorites of the night. Simple, sexy, classy!
Simply put, this is just a great dress. No muss, no fuss and she looks flawless.



LOVE her, but the print on this dress and those shoes…
Again LOVE her, but those green turtle/alligator/scary spikes….
Jennifer Lopez
The leg is distracting and the cut of the gown looks messy to me. I love a good top bun, but the pointy ones, I just can’t get into. Sorry J-Lo!
Not a fan of the color, the fit on her chest (though she has a great one!), or her harsh makeup.
The head cover, deep-plunging strangely shaped dress and it’s color, don’t make me love it. The clutch is cute!

**Disclaimer: Since it’s obvious I wasn’t at this year’s ceremonies snapping high res photos, all pictures are courtesy of! Photo sources are noted below:
Taylor Swift
Kelly Rowland
Rocsi Diaz
Allison Williams
Florence Welch
Jennifer Lopez
Kat Dennings

Fighting for Sparkle

“You won’t make it. You should have left sooner. Just go home, get into your sweats, and veg in front of the TV. Ooh, maybe I can order in tonight. Thai? Boo, traffic sucks!”

“No, this is a great opportunity. Yeah, you should have left sooner, but take a risk and see what happens.You might surprise yourself. Boo, traffic really sucks tonight!”

I had this internal dialogue back and forth in my head the entire time I sat in traffic on Sunset Boulevard fighting to get to Grauman’s Chinese Theater last Thursday. I had gotten passes to the world premiere red carpet screening for Sparkle. The passes simply meant that I had a chance to get in to see the film, but it was on a first-come, first-serve basis. While I’ve never been turned away from a screening, in this case, it wouldn’t have surprised me. I’d seen various outlets promoting the passes and the fact that the film featured the last performance from one of the greatest singers that ever lived, I knew would draw an even larger crowd.

50 minutes later, I arrived at the corner of Franklin and Orange and knew deep down that there was likely no way I was going to get in. The line had already wrapped around the corner but I thought, “I’m already here, it’s a 1,000 seat theater, why not get in line and see what happens?”

As I parked and made the nearly ten minute trek just to get to the line due to sidewalk closures, Hollywood Boulevard was bursting alive with activity around me. The red carpet was out, photographers everywhere, and onlookers stood across the street watching as celebs made their way down the press line and into the theater. Let’s not forget that this part of town is typically busy without a Hollywood premiere, and the summer season draws tourists by the masses. Needless to say, it was more than crowded. It was a zoo!

Meanwhile, I was still having the “go home, no wait and see” conversation in my head as I stood in line telling myself “I’ll give it 30 minutes max then I’ll head upstairs and see what’s playing at the Chinese 6 instead.”  Yet somehow, I got into mingling with a few of the other hopefuls as we waited in line. On top of that, you couldn’t ask for a better place to stand-back and people watch (a fun secret pastime of mine…shhhh). It’s then that the world becomes a larger place, full of different styles, cultures, looks, good fashion choices and plenty of bad fashion choices. Simply stopping and taking the time to look around you, to chat with a complete stranger and hear some of their stories can be so invigorating and was the best part of the experience.

An hour or so later we had heard that the theater was at capacity and that we wouldn’t make it in. I eventually found out that this was the case for those who arrived much earlier than I did. I wasn’t disappointed because I knew how it worked and was grateful for taking the time to immerse myself in the risk because it still turned out to be fun. I also wouldn’t have any “what ifs?”

I did walk upstairs to the Chinese 6 Theaters at Hollywood and Highland, but I’d either already seen the film or didn’t have an interest in it (“Brave 3D is still out?”) so I headed home.

As they say, “one monkey don’t stop the show.” Enter the beauty of the Arclight.

I took myself to see the movie Tuesday night, in my comfy pants, popcorn in hand, soda in cup-holder, and enjoyed every single frame!

Of all of the celebrity deaths in recent years, Whitney Houston’s was the biggest shock to me personally (Michael Jackson a close second). It was because the last time I saw her, she was sitting on stage with Oprah looking as if she’d really turned it around and was headed toward true freedom. In the end, we’re all human. I think we forget that sometimes because someone is projected onto a big screen in front of you, making millions of dollars. We all have our opinions of how someone should be or shouldn’t be, but I choose to remember Whitney Houston as the beautiful woman I used to imitate singing in the shower or with a brush in front of the mirror. What a great way to leave this life and into the next in Sparkle.