Results: The Spring Project

The last day of spring has arrived and I cannot believe how quickly the time passed us by. In retrospect, Spring was kind to me. Afternoons perusing museums, feeling the lightness after a good spring cleaning, celebrating a milestone birthday, and enjoying a final cup of tea at my favorite spot were just a few of the highlights. I’m pretty happy to be leaving the “June gloom” behind and head toward pure summer sunshine. As I look back over my goals to celebrate the freshness of spring, which I cheesily dubbed The Spring Project – I see areas where I excelled and others, well, let’s just say there was room for improvement.

Results: The Spring Project

1-2013-05-10 20.09.27

closet purge

Goal: Out with the Old, in with New

Result: Pass

Spring cleaning went off without a hitch. My entire apartment got the complete scrub down (and that was a looooong day). I went through my DVD collection and traded in those purchases that at the time sounded good, but I knew I’d never watch again. And my wardrobe got a great sift through and my closets and drawers are now roomy and ready for all the great new purchases to come.


an instagrammed memorable day – manhattan beach, ca

Goal: Be Outdoors

Result: Semi-Fail

This is an admitted semi-fail. I did hit gorgeous Balboa Lake, Manhattan Beach, and strolled many a boulevards on a Saturday afternoon (Rodeo counts even though I was eating ice cream at the time), but I didn’t take one hike the entire season. No bueno. 😦


my first spring bouquet

Goal: Flower Friendly

Result: Pass

I’m happy to report that bright flowers were around me much of the season. I’m a huge believer (if you have the extra funds) to keep fresh flowers around your home when you can. Trader Joe’s is an excellent source to get this scented fix on the cheap. This tradition will continue well into summer!

1-2013-06-11 18.34.59

off to yoga

Goal: Fitness

Result: Fail

The long and short of it: I’m still really consistent with my yoga practice (and being mindful of my diet) but I’ve been terrible at making time to hit the gym to work on a more solid cardio and weightlifting routine. Something to work on this summer…I know, I know.

Goal: Fruit Inspired Recipes

Result: Fail

Yes, I’ve been eating a lot of fruit. No, I didn’t personally make any of these recipes. Total FAIL.


1. Spring Fruit Pizza

2. Fruit Pizza

3. Strawberry Basil Moscato Lemonade

4. Peanut butter, Strawberries, Bananas and Granola Wrap

5. Sparkling White Peach Sangria



This week has been pretty high and low for me. Things have been going very well at work. I had an amazing performance review a few days ago and feel like I’ve gotten to a place professionally where I’ve worked my booty off enough to prove I’m ready to take it up a notch and my boss is in complete support of that. Yay!

However, physically I’ve been extremely lethargic. I just haven’t had any energy lately. Simply put, I’ve been dragging. Headaches keep coming and going, my allergies are insane thanks to all the pollen in the air, and I wake up tired most mornings. No bueno. So I’ve been spending the last few days trying to figure out what’s off balance with myself and my life lately that’s causing this prolonged fatigue.

Well, I try to get to bed at a decent time and usually get my 8 hours. Admittedly though, I’m the lightest sleeper ever. Every noise wakes me up and there are times I’ll wake up 3 times in the middle the night – but this hasn’t been too much of an issue lately. I make a good effort to eat well, though there’s always room for improvement. And off the bat, I’ll admit where I have been the absolute worst is in my exercise habits lately. Outside of my yoga classes, I know I should be doing more cardio. I try not to stress myself out too much, but this is a weaker area for me and my perfectionist disposition. I drink plenty of water, but something that I stopped doing that seems to make a difference is taking vitamins. This has been my train of thinking on the issue.

So I did what any normal person would do and Google’d it. 🙂

I read WebMD’s Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy and instantly found areas where I have been having no-no behavior (like skipping meals). 😦

So the long holiday weekend will be spent resetting some my behaviors to work on my energy levels; seeing the most anticipated summer blockbuster on my list, Fast 6 (no laughing!), and getting some errands done. I hope you all have a relaxing and fun-filled Memorial Day weekend! xx

Here are some of my week’s highlights:


{ Mindy Kaling’s book has been making life a bit funnier.}


{Seeing Sarah Polley’s New Documentary, Stories We Tell.}


{New changes coming on my blog. Doing a little research first.}

Take A Hike

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the best things about Southern California living is how much outdoor adventure awaits you. When the weather turns cold, you can hit Big Bear in less than 2 hours and find yourself playing in the snow and sipping cocoa. When things heat up, the beach is less than 20 minutes away for many of us for some fun in the sun while cradling an iced latte. And without much effort at all, you can enjoy sweeping city views (and much-needed exercise after sitting in traffic then at your desk 75% of the week) perched high on a mountain-top after an invigorating hike.

Last week, a colleague of mine introduced me to an amazing app to have handy on your phone called All Trails. Its aim is to help you discover hiking trails nearest you no matter where you find yourself in the U.S. Simply pull out your phone or visit their website, enter your location and sift through the over 40,000+ trails featured on the app that conveniently note the distance and how long it would take to complete. What I personally dig, is how you can search for specific outdoor needs and elements important to you – like searching for trails with lakes or waterfalls, trails that are easy or more difficult depending on your level of fitness, or looking for trails that are great to bring Fido along on. Be sure to check out the reviews, it’s like a concentrated outdoor version of Yelp to help you decide what trail is best for you.

Surprisingly, there are tons of hiking opps in LA alone (460 trails popped up when I entered zip code 90049). Admittedly, the caveat is that the popular trails are usually crowded and I’ve even seen people annoyingly gabbing on their iPhone when they should be enjoying nature!

extra_large_669bf03dcd4960899329b6e85ce0d887I’m a huge fan of the Temescal Canyon Loop Trail off Sunset Blvd. in Pacific Palisades. After a moderate hike up the mountain, you’re rewarded with the best view of Los Angeles you could ever see.

My experience with hiking in LA is not vast and as frequent as it should be. I tend to stick with the same trails. (Totally boring!) Believe it or not, I’ve never done the famous Hollyridge Trail. This 2.60 mile journey takes you as up close and personal as you’ll ever be to the beloved Hollywood Sign (legally). Naturally, this is what I’ll tackle next. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, take a hike!