What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

Last week, I was driving down Ventura Boulevard  blasting responsibly listening to Daft Punk’s recent release, Random Access Memories, when suddenly my eye was drawn to the person in the car to my immediate right. She was bouncing around uncontrollably, shouting in the driver’s seat. When I realized she was okay and wasn’t suffering from a seizure, a huge smile swept across my face. This lady was hardcore rockin’ out in her car. Is that what I look like when I’m alone in my car with the music blasting at an appropriate driving level, totally lost in that jammin’ feeling?

I’m a HUGE fan of the right tunes always around you in life, but especially when on the road. I highly recommend it as the best way to deal with the oh-so-awesome LA traffic, or to quickly bounce back after that a-hole cut you off on the 405. It seems with the right music anything that’s wrong in the world is instantly right…at least for those 4 minutes.

The best part of my little story while driving along Ventura Blvd. last week? When we finally hit a red light, I turned down my music dying to know what this lady was rockin’ out so hard to. It was Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. She was two tracks ahead of me. 

here’s what i’m lovin’ right now


1. Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

2. Chunky side french braid for an instant good summer hair day.

3. White tulips poised in a clear square vase.

4. H&M Sandals.

5. Mango Drop Waist Swallow Print Dress.

6. Essie Nail polish in Smokin’ Hot.

7. House of Harlow 1960 Medallion Locket Pendant Necklace.

8. Michael Kors Berkeley Clutch.

9. Someecards.com’s No Issues Today.

10. Baked Bree’s Baked Chicken Tacos.


Fall Uniform: Night Out On the Town

Dressing up for a night out on the town is tricky as the climate cools. You want to look sexy chic, but don’t want to freeze your booty off or ruin a cute dress by having to cover up and wear a heavy coat. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve endured chilly temperatures in the name of fashion!

The look below came to me while experimenting on Polyvore.com. One of my favorite tricks when getting ready for a night out on the town during this time of year is to pair a dress with leggings and boots. You maintain great style AND added weather protection during those colder fall nights.

A sparkly dress paired with a blazer to keep warm works perfectly in my book and since the dress is quite “showy” I’d keep accessories very minimal and simplistic. Hoop earrings work best at drawing attention to your face, but not competing with the dress; and a small black clutch to hold your essentials adds the final touch for a polished look.

Here’s your fall uniform for a night out on the town with your best gals or that special guy  with link deets on where to buy (hey that rhymes!):

Sparkling Masquerade DressBlack Crepe Open Front BlazerLeggingsClutchHoop EarringsBoots