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It’s on record that I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to embracing dresses. I fondly recall wearing them as a six-year-old, but as I moved toward adolescence – I stopped wearing them pretty much altogether unless it was for a very rare special occasion. I went through a lengthy period where I just felt more comfortable in jeans (read: covering my legs). In fact, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I actually even started buying dresses again. (If I met me 10 years ago, I wouldn’t even know me!)

However, as I’ve gotten old older, I find myself accepting my femininity much more than I ever have. I’m not at all saying that being in a dress over a pair of jeans epitomizes femininity by any means, because it doesn’t; but because of my resistance to them – I’m attributing this recent development to finally giving in to the fact that I’m becoming more comfortable in my own skin.

I still don’t own as many dresses as a typical woman might at my age, but as I’ve hit a recent new chapter in my life, I’ve felt a sudden shift in my relationship to them. I appreciate the different shapes of a dress, the movement, the ease; and yes, even the new-found comfort that I get in exchange. While part of me will always be a jeans girl at heart, it’s nice to not have the waistband digging into your stomach (because you’ve had one cupcake too many) or experience the constraint that you just deal with while wearing a pair of cute skinnies in the name of fashion! Even better, I’ve come to love how a simple change in styling/accessorizing can take a dress from weekend casual to office chic (by easily adding a blazer). There’s an incredible versatility when you have a good dress in your closet.

And thus, I’ve been coveting a new dress (showing my legs and all) lately. Go figure!

In an ideal world, they’d all be in my closet ready to greet the sun and celebrate the warm days ahead. In reality, a post dedicated to getting “dressed” will simply have to do. Here are 15 of my absolute favorites, at a variety of price points – because let’s be real – who in the world can actually afford a $400 dress most of the time (and I hate when bloggers only showcase high-end designers).

Perhaps a splurge on at least one is in order in the very near future. From Forever 21 to Shopbop….here’s to getting dressed. xx


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The Maxi

The weather hovered above a high of 80 degrees much of the weekend and happily found me getting my vitamin D fix at Elysian Park one day for a birthday together and at the beach the next. As I took in the sunshine-filled weekend, I noticed a popular trend among us ladies and found myself fondly smiling at the return of the maxi dress. Stylish, comfortable, and available at any price point; long airy dresses are perfection to have in your collection as the temperature rises. It’s also a very versatile piece. Grab an over-sized handbag and your favorite sunnies during the day; and throw on a jean jacket or sweater for chillier evenings. If you’re on the shorter side you might need wedges to give you a boost in height (so you’re not tripping over the dress), but if you’re tall like me – I’m a huge fan of show-stopping flat sandals (and a fresh pedicure).

Suffice to say, I was so inspired by the return of the maxi this weekend, that Sunday found me at Diane’s in Manhattan Beach, taking home 2 new dresses, and even better, they were on sale!

In salute to the maxi, here are a few closet cravings to feast your eyes on. I added #1 to my closet this weekend!


1. Diane’s Beachwear // Halter Maxi Wrap Dress // $28.00

2. JCPenny // Print Maxi Dress // $40.00

3. Macy’s // INC International Concepts Dress, Halter Paisley-Print Maxi // $99.50

4. ShopBop // Monrow Granite Jersey Maxi Dress // $68.60 (on sale!)